how i hide my age with fashion?

Aging often involves an undesired use of cold creams, night creams, aging serums and what not. But it is fairly unknown that aging gracefully, in fact, involves going for the bang-on fashion choices and natural makeup instead of branded options that can unknowingly add a few years later in life. So, let me introduce you to some fashion tips that can help you age backward as the envious eyes all around you gawk!

Comfort Zones

Derma roller can prevent wrinkles for aged woman

How many times have you tried to wear something outside your comfort zones just to look younger? Well, trust me, it is more advisable to wear exactly what is most comfortable for you as you step out. It can start a trend within your friend circles as well. You’ll feel more confident and one can always add a twist to even simple clothing with some funky jewelry.


I am sure you must have heard about women advising you not to wear white because it highlights your curves or uncomfortable areas, well then what color is it that you should wear? I strongly advise you to try Black, but more than out neutral shades like Nude and brown. They are bound to complement your body and skin very well.

Cool Sunglasses

Cool sunglasses for your daily use

Eyes or under-eyes are usually a big giveaway for aging women. Well, nothing can fix it better it better than a pair of stylish sunglasses. Each time you step out during the day, out them on and you will feel less conscious instantly!


Shoulders are the easiest to highlight your body when it comes to showing some skin. The reason for this is simply that they do not convey your actual age and look attractive and youthful at all times.


Comfortable boots and shorter heels are the way to go! They do not highlight the age and you can easily avoid wearing high uncomfortable heels. I also do not advise them as they can hurt your knees, affect the posture, and cause pain in your feet.

Well, this was some fashion advice that I am sure will give you the confidence to go out there and own the world much like it helped me achieve the same. Also, check out some tips for maintaining smooth skin!

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