Sandra Edwards

Second Chance Bride is a modern-day romantic tale written by Sandra Edwards, the bestselling author of The New York Times and USA Today. It is a short novel of only about 46 pages. It covers the story of two very different people in very different circumstances and how their lives change to bring them together.

Plot & Characters

Genie Wainwright, after being suddenly abandoned on the day of her wedding, almost at the altar, escapes her family’s pity party and leaves for a solo trip to Hawaii. But what happens on her trip, changes her life. Unexpectedly, her jilted heart is mended by someone.

Book Cover

Sapphire Bay Resort’s owner Donnie Taylor gets a chance on love when a guest arrives at his posh hotel to stay. He is someone who has absolutely no interest in marriage. It all starts with kind gestures and exchange of pleasantries movies on to become something completely unexpected, the beginning of love!


Second Chance Bride is actually a fantastic read for a nice lazy afternoon. It is the perfect definition of short and sweet. If you are looking for a relaxing beach read, then this might be the pick for you. The happily ever after phenomena will add up to the overall good-feel of the novel.

Genie desperately needs a getaway to blow the steam when her marriage is called off at the last moment. So, decides to go away from her relatives and friends to Hawaii, cashing on the unbelievable honeymoon planned for the two. She turns the trip into a solo rejuvenating getaway. And in between the beautiful breezes, she finds the answer she was looking for, Donnie.

The chemistry between the two characters is amazing, the romance and environment presented by the writer would make anyone want to visit Oahu. This pleasingly romantic book is bound to leave you with a smile.

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You can buy the book online or there are two other options available, Kindle format and audio file. Here is a link of Amazon where you can find all options and choose for yourself. Trust me, if you are looking for a break while your kids are playing around, then this the perfect story for you!

This book is part 1 of 4 in The Sapphire Bay Romance series. Escape to the paradise now….