meal planning: why my children never get tired of my cooking?

Meal planning is an art. It is undoubtedly a task to make kid-friendly food. We all know how children can often be picky. So here are some personal tips so you can know why my kids never get too tired of my cooking…

Raspberry Smoothie

What I prefer to do is try to make nutritious meals fun. You might think it is a good idea to hang a meal calendar on your fridge and stick to it. But trust me if you surprise your family every day by not making the food predictable, they would actually look forward to having meals together. And not just that, try things like Egg-day Friday! Or Cheese-day Tuesday! they make the kids wait for it. Also, try these ideas and add a twist to the food!


You know what always works, smoothies! Whenever your kids are bored of regular dishes, try blending some of their favorite fruits with milk. Some dry fruits and flax seeds can also be added to the smoothie to make it even more healthy. Add a funky straw and you are set!

Greek Yogurt

Whipped greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is the best possible dessert after dinner. Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, mango and so many flavors are available in the market. They are healthy and very tasty.Some of the benefits of eating it include a healthier heart, it helps in digestion, contains probiotics, manages weight better, contains nutrients, nonfattening, and good for brain cell development.

Veggie Pizza

A pizza is the tastiest food for all age groups. A wheat base, tofu instead of cheese, and all veggies such as onions, tomatoes, broccoli, corn, capsicum, mushrooms, etc on the red pizza sauce. Combine all to form the yummiest and healthiest dish ever! Kids happy, I am happy!

Another great idea is adding attractive toppings on healthy foods. Some examples could be flax seeds, dry fruits, cut up pieces of fruits, quinoa, etc.

Making smileys or writing something using sauces on the dish also makes kids excited to eat it up. Be innovative and creative while cooking, trust me, it is not at all difficult once you get the hang of it.

Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza

What I also recommend is making kids your shopping partners. Take them to the supermarket, take them to your desired section, and let them pick out what to buy. This will encourage them to go and eat it later because they can proudly boast that they selected the item.

Lastly, try to encourage your kids to cook. If given an opportunity, they love to become little master chefs. Just provide them with the ingredients and let them with their friends cook something up.Appreciate it and ask them to help you more often. This ensures that they will also eat the dish later when presented on the table as they would have made it.

A family is not just about the children and their preferences. You and your partner should also spend time with each other to keep the romance alive. Do check out some of my tips to keep the flame of marriage burning beyond romance.

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