feminism: are we fighting for a just cause?

The wave of Feminism has been a cause of concern for decades now. But here we are still wondering if it is, in fact, a just cause. Such questions clearly arise when we are misled with what exactly this movement consists of or the demands have frequently changed over the years, so we are confused about the right way to go. Let me give you a few reasons explaining why even though the scenario must have changed, why this fight can still not end. The struggle is not yet over.

#MeToo Movement

#Metoo women’s march

The recent #metoo movement has proved that no matter how advanced an industry is, women will always have to face disrespect and unjust circumstances. Women of the Hollywood and Bollywood industries came out in huge numbers drawing inspiration from each other to speak up about their casting couch experiences, assaults, and disrespect. With such events happening, and that too in the glamorous worlds, can we say Feminism as a cause is not relevant?

Changing Birth Rates

Have you noticed the consequences of lower birth rates in the world? Women are being forced indirectly by the Government and their policies to have more children.

The change that has occurred in the last few years with respect to increasing usage of birth control pills, unwillingness to have children, more focus on work rather than family, etc. has lowered the birth rates drastically.

There can be dire consequences for this in the future, endangering the security and freedom of women. To understand what I am talking about, try reading Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

Rape And Sexual Assaults

Let your voice be heard

We all would agree to the fact that rapes and sexual assaults have not reduced even though steps have been taken towards the same. Where the population of women is lesser, there it is even more common. Acid acts, marital rapes, and child marriage have also increased over the years. There are cities where it is openly said that they are not safe for women.


Even after all the years of struggle, women are still not well represented in Politics in a majority of the countries. Workplace discrimination might have reduced but still is not completely eradicated. They are seen as objects of pleasure in many offices, not taken seriously, and are shown to work extra hard to earn their place. We might say women have equal rights but are they actually able to exercise them is the question here.

Body Shaming And Trolling

A new has emerged in recent years to demean women in every way possible. Famous personalities are mocked for every statement and trolled on social media to an extent that it becomes offensive and emotionally traumatic for a person. Extremely harsh mockery and swear words have become fairly common.

Thin and a fat woman lying down in the bench

The pressure to remain slim and attractive has put women into crazy diets. Females are forever body shamed if they are not fit, not just by the media, but also their own family and friends.

Therefore, one can successfully conclude that even though the scenarios have changed, some stereotypes have not yet. Some new problems have come up which need to be dealt with not just by the Feminists but also other people. Men who are exposed shouldn’t just be left like that, they should be punished or expelled for their acts.

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