I created my blog ‘Mama’s Got Flair’ specially for all the married women out there wanting a slice of the world around them. I am myself married and I live in the U.S.A. I desired to talk about topics and subjects that are a part of our daily lives, such as travel, fashion, Feminism, kids, cooking, relationships, etc. I wish to try helping you find solutions to the problems you might be encountering in your life.

Why Did I Write This Blog?

The major reason I want to write down about these concerns is to reach out to women and give them an opportunity to read what they must have thought but never discussed with anyone. Married life deprives of you an opportunity to only think about yourself once in a while. It is common to find yourself lost in the family zone. Therefore, a personal blog such as mine will give you an outlet.

For the same reason, I want to keep my blog open for comments and responses as well. You can connect with me and use this space to express your feminine side. If you feel inspired to do the same, then connect with me by visiting this page.


I have personally been very open about these concerns. Other women bloggers and personalities have always inspired me to speak up about the lives of women in the world. And this wish has only grown with time, especially after marriage. Blogging also has some additional benefits for us.

It can over time become a source of gathering viewership & support, a medium of expression, popularity, and encouragement. I hope for all you strong independent females to do the same and express your heart out!



When it comes to fashion, my major focus is on what looks good and at the same time is comfortable for women of my age. After having kids, we tend to become too self-conscious about our bodies. And since family takes up all of our attention, we are not able to focus on our looks and personal growth. Therefore, I cover styles and combinations that help you be confident and look, like the most stylish mom in town! Remember, sometimes even simple works the best!

I also know from personal experience how handling kids can be a task, especially when it comes to feeding them. I can tell you dishes and ideas that can help you become feed nutrients and proteins as they look like the yummiest dishes in town. Try out some ideas yourself and there’s no way your kids will get bored from your cooking. Being creative always pays off!

Have you been feeling that romance has faded away somewhere as the years have passed? I understand how you must be feeling, do not worry, it is quite common for that to happen. Through this blog, I have suggested some ways that you and your partner through some minor efforts can rekindle the romance in your married life. Start with small steps like making the other person smile as often as possible and being a good listener.

Another aspect is Feminism. It has undergone several waves over the time and many people say now might be the fourth one. But regardless, as women, we need to know the changing scenario of gender in society and understand that even though there have been improvements, we still have a long way to go. Even for married women, there are so many hidden repressions that go unnoticed by others.