Personal blog such as mine will give you an outlet. For the same reason, I want to keep my blog open for comments and responses as well. You can connect with me and use this space to express your feminine side. If you feel inspired to do the same, then connect with me by visiting this page.

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I created my blog ‘Mama’s Got Flair’ specially for all the married women wanting a slice of the world around them. I am myself married and I live in the U.S.A. I desired to talk about topics and subjects that are a part of our daily lives, such as kids, cooking, feminism and etc.

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As a happily married woman aiming to reach out to as many women out there as possible.  I give ideas and tips from my personal experiences and hope that I can be of some help to you!  If you have any concerns, information or comments you may get in touch with me.

#MeToo March Held  in Los Angeles

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If you have any concerns, information or comments you may get in touch with me anytime!