keeping the flame of marriage burning beyond romance

Do you miss the time when you and your partner dated? The love in the air, the romantic getaways, and minor gestures that actually mean a lot are some thoughts that might have come to your mind. Even though after marriage and kids, it is difficult to keep the romance alive, it is not entirely that difficult. Here are a few tips for you to try out!


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Nothing makes your partner happier than appreciation and attention. Keep noticing the little changes they might have made like a new haircut or a new outfit and appreciate them for it. It is common for couples to only focus on their kids or simply not give a damn about showing how much you mean to them and how important their achievements are.

Digital Detox

Take a minute and think about the last time you were sitting with your partner and neither of you were using your phone? Hard isn’t it? Well, it’s time for you to go for a digital detox! This means taking an oath that you will spend some time away from your phone and actually converse or spend time with your loved ones, especially your husband.


There comes a time when you just stop trying, it doesn’t seem necessary to plan dates, romantic evenings or anniversaries and birthdays anymore. Do not let this happen, make some effort to keep the romance alive by putting in some efforts, and this should work both ways.


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Never stop expressing yourself in a marriage. Lack of communication or miscommunication is the reason for most of the fall outs in relationships. Always remember that this also involves listening, a major part of sustaining a marriage. Never let your partner feel that you don’t pay any attention to what they are trying to say.


Always respect your partner, no matter what. Show them that they are one in a million. Lack of respect can burn out the candle of any relationship. Also, support each other’s decisions and be honest about what you feel. Never let the other feel less of a person, however much you might be earning or working. Be equals!

The Power Of Words

Never underestimate the power of words. A swear or a comment on one’s family etc. are words that can easily hurt one’s feelings. Sometimes, they can even do irreversible consequences to the person’s emotional well being.

So, always know what not to speak even more than focusing on what to. Just because you know each other’s secrets and weaknesses you must become even more careful about controlling your actions and language while fighting.

Ego And Forgiveness

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Ego is the devil, I can assure you that no marriage can work when both hold high guns of ego in their bags. If you want your married life to be one that’s happy, then keep your egos aside while communicating and resolving fights. Another thing very important is forgiving each other. Do not hold grudges, learn to be accepting, apologize when necessary, and leave ego so you can forgive easily.

Also, try to always look attractive to your partner. Make them feel special and wear or do things they like. Ladies check out some of the beauty products I recommend.

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