Writer’s Block? Tips for Finding Blog Post Topics

With three little monsters at our sides, never-ending to-do lists, and the nonstop go, go, go of daily errands, we mamas have our hands full.

Sound familiar?

Being bloggers in our spare time (as if we remember what spare time is) means we sometimes find ourselves scrambling to get posts together late at night after the kids have celebrated their last hoo-rahs of the day and things have finally settled.

On occasions when we’re up into the wee hours of the mourn thinking about what we’re going to write, we have a system to speed up the process of choosing blog topics.
Are you trying to come up with some blog topic ideas, but are finding that your brain isn’t really cooperating with your fingertips?

Don’t wig out!

Check out our topic-finding tips, and you’ll be tearing up that keyboard in no time!

Think about your interests.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I like?
  • What do I find interesting?
  • Would other women find these things fascinating, too?

This is one way to help find blog topic ideas and improve your writing style, too. Starting with something you know and love adds passion to your writing and words have a tendency to flow onto your page.

This delicious automatic word flow allows you a fabulous opportunity to practice polishing your writing style. Since the topic is dear to you, the post pretty much writes itself. Then you can go back and focus more on making sure the way you wrote the post supports your style and brand.

More time on personal flair (WOOHOO!) and less on research (snooore)? That’s the good stuff, kids.

Think about what less-than-tasty morsels of reality munch up your time on a day to day basis.

Ask yourself:

  • Is there something that you struggle with or have conquered that other women are possibly experiencing?
  • What tips and tricks can you share to make others’ daily lives run more smoothly?

Whatever you’re experiencing as a mother, odds are in your favor that there are many other mommies out there going through the same nerve-racking, mind-boggling or frustrating things. Don’t be afraid to write about them, whether you’ve got questions or answers.

Being a mother is anything but boring, so put it in a post and throw it out there to your readers.

Weigh in on current events or stories of interest to you.


Ask yourself:

  • What is something that happened lately that is current, and I find to be: A) hilarious, B) important, C) interesting, or D) infuriating.

If you have the time, research is a huge help. If you’re writing an opinion or news-related piece, taking the time to do a detailed search on the topic is crucial. We recommend getting your facts straight and reading opinions from both sides of the fence before putting it into a blog post.

You’ll sound well-versed on the subject matter and be able to put together information that supports your point of view. This is even true for funny opinion pieces if your topic is controversial, and you know you may ruffle some feathers. If the post you’re writing is meant to be informative, you should have clear points that will be of interest to your readers and drive home your message.

Share your opinions about a product.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I use on a daily basis that other moms would want to know about?
  • What makes my life easier?
  • What is something that I’ve tried and either love or hate – and why?

These make for excellent blog posts, because moms are interested in honest opinions of products and services. That’s why many businesses are working harder to tap into the mom blogger market. We trust each other over commercials that are designed by highly-paid advertising dudes in suits that are more expensive than our used minivans.

You’re a real person with actual experience using the product you’re reviewing. That’s invaluable to other moms who are living on similar budgets and have similar needs to yours.

Grab that hooziemawhatsit you’ve been using for years, and tell us why you can’t live without it!

If you’ve gone through our whole process of finding blog topics ideas and you’re still stuck, you can always write about how to come up with ideas for blog posts!
Oh wait we beat you to it! 🙂

Just kidding, of course, there’s always room for more ways to get the thinker thinking.

We hope that this was helpful to all you bloggy mommies out there, because it’s always a lifesaver for us!

Do you have tips on finding blog post ideas? Throw us a comment and share them with Mama’s other readers!

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