Weight loss tool: Free site simulates your body at your goal weight!

I’ve tried so hard to lose weight over the years, but like many women have had a really long road with little to no lasting positive results. Frustration gives way to feeling totally defeated, and then months later I decide it’s time to try again.

There are many ways to lose weight, and more and more “dieting” advice from experts is leaning towards making life changes that will have you living and feeling healthy for the long haul. I totally agree, and that’s what I want. My desire to lose weight and keep it off is just a part of the big picture – overall health. And, not just for me, but my family as well.

I’ve done a lot of reading about healthy lifestyle changes and while each expert has his or her own method to changing a person’s lifestyle, they almost all suggest doing some sort of visualization exercises. They agree that changing your body forever starts with truly believing that you can and will be a healthy person.

This makes total sense to me and I believe that visualization is an important element in shifting my mindset from heavy to healthy, but I have to face two major hurdles before implementing these valuable techniques.

  • I have NEVER been a healthy weight. Ever. So, I don’t have pictures I can reference or memories of how my body looked at an ideal weight for my frame.
  •  I’m not good at visualizing anything. At all. I could never be an artist, hairdresser, landscaper, architect or any other type of creative professional because I lack the skill to imagine a finished product  without a reasonable point of reference. That makes visualizing myself as a thin, healthy person nearly impossible for me.

I’ve tried looking up pictures of other women around my height or checking out chicks at the store (not to sound creepy or anything) to help me imagine what I’d look like, but it’s still hard for me.

But then I stumbled on a FREE website that solved the problem for me – ModelMyDiet.com. Using it is as simple as filling in some blanks with your height, current weight, body type and goal weight. Then it generates a picture of how your body looks now and how it will look at your goal weight. Then you can add in other features to help the model look more like you (hair color, facial features, etc.) and voila! You suddenly have a computer generated image of how your body will look so you can better visualize your healthy future! How freaking cool is that?

Here is a frontal view of my current image (330 lbs) and goal image (135 lbs).

body generator side front

Then you can turn yourselves around to see the whole package! Talk about inspiring.

body generator side

body generator

body generator side back

Pretty nifty, yeah?

If your man is looking for some inspiration, there is a body simulator for men on the site, too! I’m really excited to have found this tool and feel more confident than ever in my goal and my journey.

Let me know if you try it out!


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  1. avatar Holly S. says:

    Very cool.

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