The Risk Online Dating Sites Don’t Want You To Know About

online datingAs soon as the Internet became popular, so did the online dating scene. Everyday, a new sure-to-find-you-your-soulmate wonder site pops up, and lonely hearts over the world flock to them.

And why shouldn’t they?

Everybody deserves to find their special someone, right? True. I totally believe that there is, in fact, someone for everyone out there on this great big spinning ball. And I would NEVER begrudge anyone a lifetime of happiness.

In fact, I have a few close friends who have, indeed, found their perfect match on sites like and

Bully for them!

I do think, however, that I’d be remiss in my duty as a friend to women everywhere if I didn’t bring one thing to everyone’s attention before they dive into online dating.

Don’t tell anyone where you heard this, because the government is trying to keep this little known fact under wraps. If, after reading this, I’m never heard from again, you’ll know who to point your fingers at.

Okay, so, it pains me to say this, but, to all of you who are looking for love via the web, keep this in mind…

He just might be a zombie.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Disclaimer: I mean no harm whatsoever toward any online dating sites. This post is totally in jest. I truly do know many people who have found beautiful relationships via such sites as, and including, and I merely ran across this video and it gave me a chuckle, as I’m sure it did you. Smooches, Jessi.


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  1. I met my zombie online!

  2. I loved that video! My husband and I met online so I can’t wait to show him that so we can laugh at it together. Funny post woman!

  3. avatar Sue the Desperate Housemommy says:

    Oh, my. I’m reasonably certain that that catchy tune with stay with me until Valentines Day. “I wanna steal your heart….and eat your brain.” Ummmm…thanks? 🙂

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