Playgrounds and Paper Footballs…The Glory Days of Romance

Love and relationships were much simpler as a kid. I remember receiving and sending (because the Jessi was a modern woman, even then) the old "Check Yes or No" love notes, carefully folded into passion's true physical form...a paper football. Butterflies in the stomach. Sweet anticipation. Elation or rejection...with one graphite check mark. The funny thing was, no matter the response, the playground aftermath was the same. We stuck to our cliques, avoiding eye contact and turning crimson if somehow fate would lead us to the awkward position of having to stand near one another while we … [Read more...]

The Risk Online Dating Sites Don’t Want You To Know About

As soon as the Internet became popular, so did the online dating scene. Everyday, a new sure-to-find-you-your-soulmate wonder site pops up, and lonely hearts over the world flock to them. And why shouldn't they? Everybody deserves to find their special someone, right? True. I totally believe that there is, in fact, someone for everyone out there on this great big spinning ball. And I would NEVER begrudge anyone a lifetime of happiness. In fact, I have a few close friends who have, indeed, found their perfect match on sites like and Bully for them! I do … [Read more...]

What “Love” Means To Kids

Valentine's Day is headed our way, so I thought I'd ask my little men what exactly love meant to them. The first time I asked, they all looked at me as if I was asking them to recite the Gettysburg Address, then ran off to do their own things. It's pretty much what I expected from three boys, five and under, so I tried a different technique. I call it "Cornering them while they're eating ice cream." This went much better for me. Me: What is love? Devin, 1-year-old: What? (Shoves a spoonful of neopolitan in his mouth) Jaxon, 3-years-old: I'm a rockstarrrrrr! (raises spoon in the … [Read more...]

Seven Weeks to an Unforgotten Valentine’s Day

Christmas is over. You've nursed your New Year's hangover...or in my case...did your New Year's laundry. Once you're finished breathing that sigh of relief that the big holidays are through, it's time to turn your sights to Valentine's Day. Not so much getting your shopping done, because every woman is quite aware of February 14th, but for the old man. All across the nation, men pretend to be shocked by Valentine's Day. Every. Single. Year. Please. This isn't rocket science, fellas. It falls on February 14th. Every. Single. Year. Who do they think they're fooling? … [Read more...]