Has Our Culture Turned Away From Support?

As I was going through headlines this morning, I came across a tragic story on USAToday.com. Last night, a mother in Newburgh, NY, drove her minivan, loaded with her four children (ages 10, 5, 2 and 11 months) into the Hudson River after a domestic incident in her home. The 10-year-old son managed to escape the vehicle after it went into the water, but his mother and siblings perished. More details about the story are being slowly released as they come to light. What the domestic dispute was about hasn't been revealed, but in cases such as this, when a person commits suicide and takes her … [Read more...]

Mom On Mom Intolerance: Uncool

I'm probably going to take some hits for this, but I can't contain myself. Growing up half-Mexican, half-Hungarian has left a bad taste in my mouth for all things intolerant. Even in the 21st century, there are still those who feel that half-breed blood is tainted in one way or another. So, having a pasty complexion with a clearly Hispanic last name has been the cause of more than a few odd looks and even some unfriendly comments throughout my lifetime. I'm stating for the record that I'm proud of my roots. All of them. In fact, I celebrate my own genetic diversity as well as that of my … [Read more...]

Anne’s Story

This weeks' Mama's Story Wednesday post comes from my pal, Anne. We met via the Twittersphere and became fast friends. She's a fabulous photographer (check out her blog), a funny mama, and oh so clever. She friggin' cracks me up. When she told me she'd like to share her story, I jumped at the chance. Thank you, Anne, for sharing with us all. And now... Anne's story... I’m a big fan of Jessi’s. I love her writing style – it’s a perfect combination of smart, funny and eloquent. A few weeks ago, I checked out her blog and noticed her feature focusing on mom stories. Prior to this point, I … [Read more...]