It’s time: The Mommy Milestone Merit Sash

I received my first "Your kid just Linda Blaired in the classroom; come get him before he gives everyone the plague" call today. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't seem to find that entry space in his baby book. What gives? I think it's totally bogus that children get all the credit for their firsts, as long as someone somewhere thought it was precious at some point in time. First tooth? There's a slot in the baby book. First word...or sound that almost, sort of, kinda resembles a word to mom - and mom alone? There's a slot in the baby book. First beloved toy (which means the … [Read more...]

Simple Tips to Be the Hottest Diva at the Laundromat

When you have a family of five and your dryer takes a dump, chances are you're going to wind up at the laundromat. If you're like me, and haven't been to one in a few years, you might want to know something going ain't glamorous. When you go to the grocery store, you're going to see a mix of styles and various levels of dress, from full office attire to the pajama pants clad new mom whom hasn't slept in 48 hours but desperately needs a pack of diapers -- and everything in between. For the most part, however, people are generally dressed comfortably in matching attire that would be … [Read more...]

Swiss Army Hair: Practical Style for Everyday Moms

When Amy and I are working on our editorial calendar, we often use Skype to video chat. It's convenient and way easier to riff on ideas. The best part, however, is working really hard on making each other laugh. This is a prime example of what a brainstorming session for Mama's Got Flair looks like. If you like our videos, please like them, comment and pass them along. It strokes our egos and makes us want to get even weirder. And, seriously, who doesn't like weirder? If you have any ideas you'd like to see us cover on our Mama's Got Flair YouTube … [Read more...]

Mama’s Fierce New Look: Feat. My 3-year-old Makeup Artist

I had an awesome vlog planned for you yesterday, featuring some dance moves that would totally change your life. Unfortunately, I felt like total poo, so shaking my moneymaker wasn't in the cards. So, instead, I figured why not let my preschool-aged son do my makeup? Could be fun, right? This is how it went down... I realize the video is a tad lengthy, but there was just so much awesome to share. This is actually less than 1/3 of what took place in my dining room yesterday. And I have to say, every second was worth it. After all, how else would I … [Read more...]

Five Things that Will Suck for Me When My Kids Figure Them Out

When it comes to truly important issues, such as sex, drugs and the unparalleled usefulness of duct tape, I make it a point to be very honest with my kids, every single time. I want them to be as prepared as possible for life's twists and turns and it's my job to provide them with solid information about the big things. There are certain things, however, that I'm just letting them figure out on their own. And, frankly, it's because I'm not looking forward to them knowing the whole truth. Five things that will suck for me when my kids figure them out: 1. Nine times out of ten, dad … [Read more...]

No More Babies: Bring On the Big Boy Stage!

Next month my youngest partner in crime will be turning three, and it's suddenly hitting me that I'll no longer have a "baby" in the house. A teeny, tiny part of me is sad that the phase is coming to a close, but a large part of me is thrilled to be dancing into big boy territory. In fact, that part is quick to flog the sad part whenever the rare flareup occurs. It wasn't very long ago that the thought of not having a little bundle ever again brought me to tears. Like. Literally. Trust me, as of late, I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat that those days are over. As I'm clearing my home of … [Read more...]