Anne’s Story

This weeks' Mama's Story Wednesday post comes from my pal, Anne. We met via the Twittersphere and became fast friends. She's a fabulous photographer (check out her blog), a funny mama, and oh so clever. She friggin' cracks me up. When she told me she'd like to share her story, I jumped at the chance. Thank you, Anne, for sharing with us all. And now... Anne's story... I’m a big fan of Jessi’s. I love her writing style – it’s a perfect combination of smart, funny and eloquent. A few weeks ago, I checked out her blog and noticed her feature focusing on mom stories. Prior to this point, I … [Read more...]

Lindsay’s Story

I'm so pleased to present to you another "Mama's Story" Wednesday.  This post is from my bloggy bestie, Lindsay, of A New Breed of Mom. She's a total sweetheart, super supportive, so funny, completely genuine and we have a ton in common. I'd go into it more, but she tells it better than I do. Thank you so much, Ms. Lindsay, for sharing with us. Just a Mom…Seeking to Encourage and Inspire Other Moms to Dream Big My name is Lindsay Williams and I am the woman behind A New Breed of Mom. I am a 'has been' single mom who's always been a working mom, a wanna-be stay-at-home mom, learning to … [Read more...]