Note to Self: Quit Pooping on My Own Parade

As we've been working on the blog and ourselves, I've been thinking a gimungo-ton (that's an actual unit of measurement as far as I'm concerned) about things in my life, work and relationships that I'd like to see change or improve. I've spent more time in front of a mirror (both literally and figuratively) picking myself apart than I'm proud to admit. It occurred to me tonight (during one such self-deprecating episode) that while I get a little thrill when I think of the fabulous future that awaits, I'm actually making myself more negative about the present. Honestly, I was more than … [Read more...]

Daily Affirmation: Saying ‘I Love You’ To Yourself

You’re a woman. So, chances are, you spend a lot of time expressing your love to others, but how often do you tell yourself ‘I love you’? If you’re like most women, the answer is “next to never.” Why? Well, there are several reasons why women don’t say those three little words to themselves. Do any of them fit you? Affirmations are for people with low self-esteem. “I respect myself and feel I’m a good person. I’m comfortable in my own skin. Why would I need to say it?” You forget. “In the midst of everything else I have going on and trying to keep up with what’s happening … [Read more...]

Winds of Change

In my last post, I outlined the new direction of Mama's Got Flair: Do you feel you’ve lost touch with your identity since becoming a wife and mother? Mama’s Got Flair is a haven for mamas who want to rediscover themselves, their dreams and personal goals. There’s no shame in finding a healthy balance between love for your family and yourself. Happy mamas who value themselves, raise respectful, confident children who do the same. If you’re ready to reclaim yourself, celebrate your strength, express your individuality and build your self-confidence, welcome to Mama’s Got … [Read more...]