Weird Criminal Law Stories Book Tour and $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – Ends 8/25

More silly and unlawful conduct by women than anyone could ever imagine! There’s a story for everyone in this book. You can read about the 6-foot, 400-pound woman arrested for fraud with $26,000 found stuffed in her very ample bra; stories of women who get naked and do disorderly things like steal cars, smash windshields and freak out in airports; the story of the dying woman who asked her husband to have a replica of her vagina carved on her tombstones which he could look at instead of chasing women after her death; stories of women teachers who have sexual affairs with high school boys; a … [Read more...]

Odd Family Tradition: The Game

Have you ever come upon a bizarre knickknack in a resale shop and wondered why anyone would have ever bought the thing the first time? You don't know who's weirder - the person that purchased it or the freakazoid that made the damn thing in the first place. Puzzling. It was one of those moments that inspired a little game that has been played in my family for several years now, and has recently intensified. Years ago, during a totally random thrift shopping excursion, I happened upon a weird little windmill. I stared at it for a while wondering about the whos and whys of its origin, but … [Read more...]

A typical day in the life of a Jessi #31DayMarch

I know you're just burning to know what a typical day in Jessi's world looks like, right? Well, hold on to your britches because the secrets are about to be revealed. 5 AM - My alarm, AKA "The Angrinator," wakes me from what I can only hope was a dream about being stranded on a dessert island with Alexander Skarsgard and endless supplies of chocolate and coffee. I climb out of bed, which is now occupied by my two youngest boys who didn't get the memo that co-sleeping was over and kicked their dad out during the night. Apparently  over time the munchkins got bigger but the bed didn't. I … [Read more...]

Beneath the Murky Water

A True Comedy from the Archives of Stephanie- The Coolest Sister in the World Many of you know Jessi as the strong, heartfelt blogging mama with flair. She looks inside of herself and is ever-willing to show us all that beauty lies within, illustrate how courage can empower us through the most challenging situations, and teach us that laughter fixes all the cracks in our souls. Sometimes, laughter can get us through the most challenging (and frightening) situations we ever face. But you know what? Even Mama gets scared sometimes, with or without all that flair. Let us rewind to the good … [Read more...]

The Risk Online Dating Sites Don’t Want You To Know About

As soon as the Internet became popular, so did the online dating scene. Everyday, a new sure-to-find-you-your-soulmate wonder site pops up, and lonely hearts over the world flock to them. And why shouldn't they? Everybody deserves to find their special someone, right? True. I totally believe that there is, in fact, someone for everyone out there on this great big spinning ball. And I would NEVER begrudge anyone a lifetime of happiness. In fact, I have a few close friends who have, indeed, found their perfect match on sites like and Bully for them! I do … [Read more...]

Seven Weeks to an Unforgotten Valentine’s Day

Christmas is over. You've nursed your New Year's hangover...or in my case...did your New Year's laundry. Once you're finished breathing that sigh of relief that the big holidays are through, it's time to turn your sights to Valentine's Day. Not so much getting your shopping done, because every woman is quite aware of February 14th, but for the old man. All across the nation, men pretend to be shocked by Valentine's Day. Every. Single. Year. Please. This isn't rocket science, fellas. It falls on February 14th. Every. Single. Year. Who do they think they're fooling? … [Read more...]