Doctor, Doctor! Health goals to prioritize!

As I've said, I'm not writing out any concrete resolutions this year, but I have jotted down some goals in my journal. I devoted a page to each of the important areas of my life that I really wanted to focus on this year -- self, family, home, career, love and health. The pages are filled with measurable goals for what I'd really like to work on, so I can revisit and refocus whenever necessary. These lists aren't meant to apply any pressure, but simply remind me of what's important in getting me where I want to go. As, I was writing down the usual goals to eat better, exercise more and … [Read more...]

Wellness Wednesday: What is Clean Eating and How Does It Affect Your Health and Lifestyle?

Clean eating is a diet in which you only consume natural, whole foods. Many foods, such as complex carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins are the staples of a clean diet. It further requires you to veer away from such foods as bad fats (hydrogenated, trans-fat), man-made sugar, preservatives, white bread and any other excess ingredients that are unnecessary. To put it plain and simple, if it was made by man then it is no good. I understand altering a diet like this makes for a difficult lifestyle change, especially for those of us who consistently eat processed … [Read more...]

Wellness Wednesday: Getting Back on Track #health

The difficulties of trying to get healthy can weigh on you, causing you to have a moment of guilt or weakness that trips you up and gets you off track. In times like these it's important to forgive yourself and hop back on the “healthy you” band wagon. In this edition of “Wellness Wednesday,” I'd like to focus on getting back on track. I must admit that I'm just as guilty of falling off the wagon, so to speak. When this happens I tend to have a barrage of excuses as to why I’ll start tomorrow instead of now. It hit me today that the time for excuses is long gone, because, frankly, … [Read more...]

Wellness Wednesday: Preparing for Healthy Changes and Weight Loss

Most people like the idea of waking up one morning and just going for it. They feel like tomorrow's that magical day when it all just comes together, but when it comes to being fit and healthy, a little prep work goes a long way toward keeping you on track. When it comes to truly changing your body, you need to have the right mindset. Here are a few things to consider before starting on the road to a healthy new you! What is your motivation for weight loss? For most people weight loss is about fitting into a smaller size, so they can look and feel better. If this truly is your … [Read more...]

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday!

I've been concentrating on my health lately in order to feel better, get centered and enjoy life more. I have to admit that this isn't just a solo effort. My sister-in-law and very close friend, Amy (of the Flair Yourself Friday beauty blogs), and I have been working together for the benefits of ourselves, each other and our families. We're so excited about all the positive changes in our lives, we just have to share. Getting healthy has some really cool side effects, such as: Extra energy Deeper, more restful sleep Positive, upbeat attitude Sharper, clearer thought Stronger … [Read more...]