14 Happies from the Past Seven Days

As I said last Sunday, I'm going to be posting a Goal of the Week. Last weeks was to make a list of things in your life that make you happy. I was wicked busy this week between my regular work and having the boys home for break, so I tailored the goal to fit my schedule. Each evening I jotted down two things that made me happy that day. Here are my happies from this past week. 1. I spent an hour watching my eldest son playing his favorite video game. Seeing him so happy and excited to share something he really enjoys and answer my questions was a nice way to connect with him. We both had a … [Read more...]

Happiness Journal: February 6

This week we had a huge snow storm that dropped 19.5 inches of powder on our beautiful little city. It was an awesome storm, complete with powerful house shaking (literally) thunder and an eye-popping lightning display. It was like a super cold version of a KISS concert, without the big shoes. It was fantastic. And the best part...be "stuck" at home with my beautiful family, knowing that my parents and siblings were safe in their homes, too. Then, of course, for the first time that I can ever remember, Punxsutawny Phil, that sassy little groundhog, didn't see his shadow, so spring is … [Read more...]

Happiness Journal: January 30

A Happiness Journal Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, Erik! You're getting old, McLovin! This week, I'm happy, because: The Bears may have lost...which is less than desirable...but now they have two extra weeks to rest up before they kick tail next season. On Monday, I celebrated one year of being an advisor for the Illinois Valley Chapter of People First, an advocacy group for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. They put on an awesome dinner and local politicians came to honor their accomplishments. It was awesome! I was featured on Three Boys and a … [Read more...]

Happiness Journal: January 23rd

It's been a pretty average week, but that's certainly not a bad thing. I'm currently happy about: My family being healthy, save a sniffle and a cough here and there. That my husband works from home and hasn't had to travel in any of the heinous weather that we've been having. While our work is keeping us super busy, we have a seemingly endless stream of opportunities in an economy that hasn't been so kind to many. My kids love the snow as much as I do. In less than half an hour, the Chicago Bears are taking on the Packers for a chance at the big game. I … [Read more...]

Happiness Journal: January 16

One of the things that makes me happiest is spending time with my family, so that's what I'm doing tonight. Well, that and grinning like the Cheshire cat that the Bears won today. So, tonight's short entry is a simple list of things that make me happy on a regular basis. My family- From my young sons to both of my grandmas and everyone in between, I'm blessed with a large, loving family My friends- I have amazing friends in real life and online who put up with me for reasons unknown and always lend a laugh or a hand My pets- Spanky and Stormy may be surly, yippy old chihuahuas but … [Read more...]

Happiness Journal: January 9

It's been quite a week...the flu struck the Cooper mansion, but on the happier end...we're all much better now! A sincere thanks for the get well wishes! What else is good? The city came and cammed the sewer lines on Friday, and it's totally their fault that we had the Turd Flood of 2010. Apparently, when they were doing the repairs on the neighborhood sewer system, they crushed our lines, so they're footing the bills. We're nearly done with our last teething experience. Devi's slobbery and munching on everything, but we're relieved to be moving through this stage and our … [Read more...]