My Abundantly Awkward Day: A Photo Essay

Do you ever get the feeling that your life is just one long string of ridiculous, farcical events? I do. But I never have the evidence on hand to support my claim. Until today. Today...I carried my camera around with me, hoping to capture some of the madness. Fate decided to meet me halfway by proving once and for all that my life is a chaotically woven fabric of sheer awkwardness. Enjoy. The day started out pretty normally. Cleaned up spilled cereal. Straightened the boys' clothes out so they were tidy for school. Then Brock, who was in the kitchen sweetly making me some special … [Read more...]

Beneath the Murky Water

A True Comedy from the Archives of Stephanie- The Coolest Sister in the World Many of you know Jessi as the strong, heartfelt blogging mama with flair. She looks inside of herself and is ever-willing to show us all that beauty lies within, illustrate how courage can empower us through the most challenging situations, and teach us that laughter fixes all the cracks in our souls. Sometimes, laughter can get us through the most challenging (and frightening) situations we ever face. But you know what? Even Mama gets scared sometimes, with or without all that flair. Let us rewind to the good … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season for an Awkward Christmas Memory

I've been working on an editing job all day, and my brain is totally toast. So, I threw out the message, "I need a blog topic...stat," to the twittersphere. I got two responses: giving back during the holiday season and an awkward Christmas memory. Since they're both good topics, I'm going to give them each a post, but because I'm pressed for time and need to get back to the moneymaking, I'm just going to share a little story about Christmas... Cast your mind back to 1998. I was a tender 19-year-old gal, bringing my fiance...yeah, you read that right, I was engaged by then...home for … [Read more...]