Recognize Your Needs, Your Kids are Watching

I often talk about how doing things for yourself is good for both you and your family, but I haven't delved too deeply into exactly why I believe it. It may sound like my promotion of picking up a new perfume or taking a cake decorating class is just an attempt to rationalize selfishness, but it really isn't. Yes, you'll immediately benefit, in some way, from doing something for yourself, but your kids are, too. Here's my simple breakdown. Investing in yourself, no matter how big or small, is making an investment in how your daughters will see themselves and how your sons will view the … [Read more...]

Criticism…So What?

Since I've defined my mission, I've received a TON of support from other women, who totally know where I'm coming from. Many ladies have sent me messages of encouragement and thanks, because they're trying to keep in mind that they're just as important as the people they love, and they're allowed to chase their passions, too. We, as women, have a natural tendency to back-burner our own needs for those of others; it's part of who we are. And as moms, that is born of necessity. Obviously, if you've got $10 in your wallet and you have to choose between new underwear for your children or a pair … [Read more...]

Lindsay’s Story

I'm so pleased to present to you another "Mama's Story" Wednesday.  This post is from my bloggy bestie, Lindsay, of A New Breed of Mom. She's a total sweetheart, super supportive, so funny, completely genuine and we have a ton in common. I'd go into it more, but she tells it better than I do. Thank you so much, Ms. Lindsay, for sharing with us. Just a Mom…Seeking to Encourage and Inspire Other Moms to Dream Big My name is Lindsay Williams and I am the woman behind A New Breed of Mom. I am a 'has been' single mom who's always been a working mom, a wanna-be stay-at-home mom, learning to … [Read more...]