Flair Yourself Friday: Finding the Best Hairstyle for the Round Face Shape

I know by now you've all done your homework on finding your face shape, and for you ladies with the round face shape is it going to pay off today. We are going to help you gorgeous gals find the right hairstyles to complement your lovely faces! If your face is round, that means the length and width of your face measures the same, or close to the same, and your jaw line is more curved than square. Such celebrities as Kelly Clarkson and Kirsten Dunst have this amazing face shape and know what styles to sport to accentuate their features! Here’s the dos, and don’ts when you have a round … [Read more...]

Flair Yourself Friday: Whiter Teeth for a Beautiful Smile

There is nothing more glamorous, sexy, or stunning than a bright, white smile! Today on "Flair Yourself Friday," I would like to focus on the benefits of oral hygiene and give some inexpensive tips on how to keep your pearly whites looking their best! Dentists claim that with proper flossing, brushing and professional teeth cleaning also comes a healthy body. Thi is because poor oral hygiene leads to bacteria making its way into your blood stream, leading to heart problems and infections in those with diabetes or artificial joints. Also, bacteria from your mouth that enters your … [Read more...]

Flair Yourself Friday: Celebrating Your Self-Value

Beauty can't be found in eyeshadow or a bottle of hair dye. True beauty comes from within yourself. Finding out who you are and embracing that wonderful person in your own heart and mind is an invaluable step in feeling beautiful and projecting how attractive you are to the rest of the world. It's not always easy finding that beautiful woman who lives inside you when their are people out there who thoughtlessly put you down or point out something they view as a flaw. These senseless, and sometimes unintentionally harsh, comments are damaging and hurtful. On this journey of finding that … [Read more...]

Flair Yourself Friday: Take Time for an At-Home Couple’s Massage

The beauty in being with someone is getting to fall in love all over again. Couples have to cherish what few, precious moments they get together after long days of juggling all the responsibilities that come with raising children and running a household. Nothing will make you feel more rejuvenated than the tender touch of your spouse. I'm talking a personal massage, ladies! From head to toe, nothing is more intimate and personal than massaging some beautifully fragrant lotion on you or your sweetheart. Massages are intimate and relaxing, which every couple needs. This Father's Day week … [Read more...]

Flair Yourself Friday: Beauty for Every Mama

With the great response to my Birthday Bash Makeover Series...which has barely even started...it became overwhelmingly clear, that there are many women, like my sister and me, who are aching to know more about beauty, style and just feeling good about themselves. My sister-in-law, Amy, and I agree that beauty is individual and every woman deserves to feel wonderful in her own skin. After talking about it at length, we've decided to start a new feature, devoted to feeling beautiful, inside and out. And so, "Flair Yourself Friday: Beauty for Every Mama" has come to be. Amy has graciously … [Read more...]

Flair Yourself Friday: Plucking Your Brows

Welcome to another exciting addition of "Flair Yourself Friday!" Eyebrows, the crowning glory on every woman's face! They're one of your most important facial features. With clean, well-shaped brows, your face will look more polished and you, too, can rock it with flair! Before we begin, here are a few tools of the trade you'll need to get started. Good pair of tweezers Brow pencil (matched to your hair color for a more natural look) Brow brush Mini scissors (typically found in the manicure aisle of the beauty department) Important: Keep in mind, it's better to … [Read more...]