Sisters, Skype and Serious Silliness

I've mentioned before that my family relies heavily on technology to stay close. It's a blessing to be able to hop onto Skype and exchange articles, swap pictures and chit chat about our daily lives. It's also a great way for us to find support when we need a safe place to blow off steam or bawl our eyes out. We may be miles apart, but when our video cameras are on, we can all be in the same room. And, when Stevie, Amy and I are all in the same room--in person or virtually--you never know where the conversation may go. Sometimes it'll turn into showing each other pictures of actresses we … [Read more...]

Wedding Bells for Stevie

In less than a month, my little sister, Stevie, will become a married woman. By the way, don't you dare call her Stevie, she's liable to tear your throat out, unless you're an immediate family member, who she's completely given up on the "Stephanie Movement" with. In fact, I think I'm the only one who consistently calls her that, and, well, I always will. When we're shriveled old grannies, I'll still be chanting, "Stevie's a Fartknocker!" and making faces at her in can mark my words on that one! When Stevie was a baby, she had the most beautiful face. She had a porcelain … [Read more...]