A Little Loving Advice…

Last night, I received an email from a less-than satisfied reader, attacking the content of my blog. I'm guessing she won't be nominating me for any awards. Shucks. I'm not going to make a huge stink out of it, because that would be childish, infantile and ridiculous. Since I'm feeling like a big steaming pile today, thanks to the flu that's sweeping my household, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. If you don't care for someone's work as a whole, don't read his or her blogs anymore. I've encountered some infuriating, belittling, heinous blogs that have left me mouth-agape, … [Read more...]

Criticism…So What?

Since I've defined my mission, I've received a TON of support from other women, who totally know where I'm coming from. Many ladies have sent me messages of encouragement and thanks, because they're trying to keep in mind that they're just as important as the people they love, and they're allowed to chase their passions, too. We, as women, have a natural tendency to back-burner our own needs for those of others; it's part of who we are. And as moms, that is born of necessity. Obviously, if you've got $10 in your wallet and you have to choose between new underwear for your children or a pair … [Read more...]