And Then She Changed My Life

I don't talk about my adoption experience a lot on my blog, because, while my son knows he's adopted, he doesn't know all the important details yet, and he should know everything before anyone else does. Still, with Mother's Day quickly approaching, I'd like to take this opportunity to honor his birth mother. She changed my life in the most incredible way imaginable. For those of you who've read my blog for a while, you know I lost my premature son, Aiden, in 2004. It was the most devastating, soul-crushing event of my life. I'd had serious, life-threatening complications with my pregnancy … [Read more...]

A Birth Mother’s Story: Finding Hope

Adoption raises complex emotions for everyone involved. When people think about the adoption process, their minds often center on the adopted child and his or her new parents. The birth mother is also an extremely important part of the adoption equation and shouldn't be overlooked. Her emotions run deep and they're just as varied as those of the newly united family.  Last week, a birth mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared the bittersweet side of her adoption experience. This week, she's sharing the hopeful side of her story. ~Jessi I've spent the last five years since the … [Read more...]

Bittersweet: A Birth Mother’s Story

The following is a very personal post by a guest who wishes to remain anonymous. As an adoptive mother, I feel it's important that others hear this mother's truth. It's easy to forget that the adoptive parents and baby aren't the only ones whose lives are changed. ~Jessi I am a true believer in adoption. As my friend once said, “Adoption is neither black nor white, but there are many shades of gray.” I never regret for a moment, trying to give my child everything I didn’t have to offer at the time, by placing him with an amazing family. That doesn’t mean I never have "what if" moments. … [Read more...]