Notice: Don’t pet the peeves – #31DayMarch

Pet peeves. Ugh. The list of little things that irk me is so long I should probably just script my inevitable episode of Snapped. I'm not proud of being so touchy, but the older I get the more pronounced they seem. Maybe it's because I'm trying to keep my sons from adapting these behaviors, or could it possibly be that I'm just getting nastier with age? Probably the latter, but whatever. I'm woman enough to own it. Out of my many pet peeves there are several that irritate me far beyond the rest. Since most of the things that bug me are common to most people with, well, manners, I'll … [Read more...]

Grinch You, Farty McKnockerton!

Sometimes a mama needs a little gripe therapy to clear her head. This is one of those times. I'm hereby instituting the Grinch Awards. The Grinch Awards are reserved for all the Farty McKnockertons out there that make it harder to be a mom-dern woman. And the winners are... Grinch you, sewer line construction guys who have been darkening the intersection in front of my house! Do you know how hard it is to keep 3 little boys asleep when you're outside tooling around with industrial-size jackhammers at 7AM? Give a mom a break. Thanks to you, I haven't had a quiet cup of morning java in … [Read more...]