Simple Tips and Tricks for Time Management

As a blogger, mother and wife, my life is constantly in go, go, go mode to get it all done. I, like many other mothers out there, feel the daily pressures of chores, deadlines and schedules all while trying to still fit in family time.

There’s a lot on every woman’s plate, to say the least, but I’ve got some tips and tricks that you can use to help better manage your time, and get a lot done…without pulling your hair out.

Why can’t I get this done? Many times when we’re faced with numerous challenges and tasks, we get less done because it’s hard to even find a place to start. There just seems to be too much. When I’m bogged down, I get anxious and overwhelmed.

When we face these feelings, we often tend to procrastinate. This only leads to more stress when we’re left to do everything at the last minute. Facing your anxieties head on and just doing your best to knock one project out at a time will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and alleviate added stresses.

Don’t overestimate what you can do in a day! Many of us get overwhelmed because we plan to do too much in one day. Then, when we can’t complete everything we’ve put in front of ourselves, we tend to feel discouraged and swamped.

Instead, divide tasks up into more manageable goals. It’s better to allot time to more important projects first and smaller responsibilities later. This helps to make what you need to do more manageable in the time frame that you have.

Create specific hours for everything you have to do in a day. If you work outside of the home, then you know the hours that you have to do business and can divide at-home hours for family and chores. If you work from home, then creating specific business hours is key. If you designate specific hours for work time throughout your day, then your clients know when you’re available, and that leaves you with hours that are for outside tasks and family time only.

This helps you to keep things organized and separate. Also, it’s important to not only define your work hours, but break times, too. Everyone needs to rest when faced with hectic days, so make sure you set aside time that is just for you!

Don’t let yourself get sidetracked! Things are going to come up, but make sure that you take a second to adjust your schedule so you don’t further overwhelm yourself and get off track. Determine whether whatever comes up is truly important and a must-do task. If it’s not an immediate priority, fit it in at an appropriate time after more crucial tasks. Mark everything on your calendar in the order it needs to be done. This will help you keep track of what you’ve already accomplished and what is left to do.

These tips and tricks can help you stay on track, so you can enjoy family, play and work without pulling your hair out. This will also help you to better manage your day, so you have more opportunities to just enjoy your day without everything being so hectic!


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  1. i’ve learned that sometimes my to do list for the day is too long. i try to cut it back to a reasonable length. it helps.

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