Self Portrait and Five Random Facts About Moi #31DayMarch

A couple of my friends and I have decided we’re going to encourage each other to rock some fun posts for all of you. We’ve got a lot planned, so we hope everyone enjoys it.

One of our tools to stay creative is the 31 Day Challenge below. We’re probably not going to be sticking to it every day, but it’s a great guide to keep us moving. At the bottom of the post I’ll link to Amanda and Jen’s posts so you can check out their entries as well.

31 day challenge

 A Self Portrait and Five Random Facts About Me


blow my top

This is how I’ve felt lately in my struggles against my wonky Windows 8 computer.


1. I named my computer Penelope, and yell at her like she cares what I have to say. Somehow it makes me feel better.

2. I won’t eat the ends of french fries. I tear them off and discard them. They’re too pokey.

3. I have two chihuahuas, Stormy and Spankford McFarland Arias Cooper, the first,  or Spanky if you’re nasty.

4. When talking to my husband, I call him “my hun,” short for honey.  But for the 15 years we’ve been together, I’ve always said it in a weird voice that makes it sound like “mah hennnnn.”

5. I love different textures and can’t help myself when I see something that looks cool. I. Just. Have. To. Touch. It. On the flip side, if I don’t like how something feels, I can’t seem to get that creepy feeling off my hands. If you have this problem, you totally know what I’m talking about.

What do we have in common? Leave me a comment below!

Now go check out what Jen and Amanda have to say about themselves.

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  1. avatar Kathleen says:

    Well I have to say we have nothing in common from your list. I eat french fries every day, all of it (although I do like them very lightly cooked so there really isn’t crunchy ends. I have never named my electronics. I call my husband babe. But nice to get to know you.

  2. This is great. I love these challenges. I have to touch too.

  3. avatar Elizabeth Towns says:

    I’m so a part of this challenge, too! Don’t hesitate to visit my post and comment. That’s what we have in comment! Oh yeah, – I holler at my laptop, although it has no name.

  4. Spanky, thats so cute LMFAO! My Mom use to call me spanky as a kid because I was a brat

  5. My computer doesn’t have a name but I’m with/use it enough it deserves one.
    I agree with the touching thing. But there are somethings I just can’t touch: hand rails, public door handles, pretty much anything that a million other people would have touched before me.

    • Sarah, if you name your computer, you need to report back to home base and let us know what you come up with! As for not touching the nasty public germ museums, right there with you! ~Jessi

  6. My computer’s name is Hal. As in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Needless to say, I’m very nice to Hal.

    Also, I do exactly the same thing when I eat french fries!

  7. My car’s name is Fred. Remember when it had that phantom skunk smell???

  8. I used to do that to my fries too when I was in high school! How weird, at least I wasn’t alone 🙂

    • Wow…the number of Tiffanys is blowing my mind!

      Diva Tiffany, you were in mighty fine company! I’m interested in knowing why you stopped. Did the fries start playing nicely? ~Jessi

  9. I named my iPhone Lyra, but I haven’t named my computer yet. I probably should…

  10. You make me giggle. You tear the ends off of french fries? I can just picture you lining them all up and cutting off the ends. haha! These are awesome facts, I feel like maybe now I love you a little bit more than I did yesterday.

    • Amanda, I don’t line them up. I just grab them one at a time as I eat them and pull off each end. It’s totally habit now and I don’t even think about it. My hands know what to do! LOL ~Jessi

  11. I named my VW Passat is named Trudy which is short for Gertrude. I like to talk to her if she’s having a hard day, LOL

  12. You’re so funny. Love the picture of you with steam coming out of your ears. That’s how I use to feel before ditching my PC for a Mac. I’m so happy I did. I’m a happy girl again.

    • Tiffany C., I swear to you, I’ve always preferred Windows PCs until the string of misfortune with this Windows 8 computer. Everything got so jacked up, I actually reset everything to the factory settings and started over. It took all of a day before all the troubles came back. It’s pretty frustrating. I work from home on this computer and can’t afford to be trying to sleuth out what the hell is wrong with it all the time. GAHHHHHHH! Macs are starting to look better and better. ~Jessi

  13. I have to say I LOVE # 1 and 5. But I definitely agree that I am just like you on # 5! I have to touch EVERYTHING that I have no idea what it feels like. And if it is yucky, I feel it all the time in my memories. Same thing if it feels good. Then I want to keep touching it! The only thing I refrain from touching would be things that are on a person..Like clothing, purses, etc without their permission. Would not go over well in jail when I tell them I just had to touch it! LOL.

  14. Yep! I don’t eat the ends of french fries either for that reason. Also, I can’t stand the though of touching Red Heart Classic Yarn. I cringe thinking of it.

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