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Pet peeves. Ugh.

The list of little things that irk me is so long I should probably just script my inevitable episode of Snapped. I’m not proud of being so touchy, but the older I get the more pronounced they seem. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to keep my sons from adapting these behaviors, or could it possibly be that I’m just getting nastier with age? Probably the latter, but whatever.

I’m woman enough to own it.

Out of my many pet peeves there are several that irritate me far beyond the rest. Since most of the things that bug me are common to most people with, well, manners, I’ll just stick to my biggies. These bad boys are obnoxious enough they could very well be deal breakers.

Tickling. I know it sounds stupid, and I actually love to tickle my kids and even the Brocker, but so help me I will end anybody who tickles me. I HATE it. By anyone.

Drama. I’m a low drama kind of girl. If someone can’t live without sharing only misery or wallowing in it, chances are I’ll get my fill extremely quickly. We all have dramas play out in our lives, and I’m all about supporting folks when the chips are down. Bad circumstances fall on everyone from time to time. The game changer is when it’s clear that someone is openly inviting drama because it recharges her sadderies, or is constantly looking for ways to stir the pot to spread the agony to others. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Faking. Faking in general is just irritating. Nobody wants to be sitting next to the person who fakes laughs, tears, interest, ignorance or intelligence. My bogus radar is quite sensitive. If someone’s blowing smoke up my ass, it’s not going to take long before I give him or her the stinkeye and walk away. Can’t. Stand. It.

There are more, but those are some of the worst offenses on my list of pet peeves. Although, I wouldn’t suggest leaving empty containers in the fridge or leave your giant dog’s doo in my yard. I watch a lot of ID and can’t be responsible for my actions.

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  1. Whatever you big fake faker-ton. I am going to come tickle you and then sing my way out the door. 😛

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