Mama’s Fierce New Look: Feat. My 3-year-old Makeup Artist

I had an awesome vlog planned for you yesterday, featuring some dance moves that would totally change your life.

Unfortunately, I felt like total poo, so shaking my moneymaker wasn’t in the cards.

So, instead, I figured why not let my preschool-aged son do my makeup? Could be fun, right?

This is how it went down…

I realize the video is a tad lengthy, but there was just so much awesome to share. This is actually less than 1/3 of what took place in my dining room yesterday. And I have to say, every second was worth it.

After all, how else would I turn out so friggin’ sexy? I couldn’t do this on my own.

Here are closeups with the hairstyle he gave me off camera and with my hair pulled back.

If you’d like a consultation with Devin — too stinking bad. Make your own stylist! I’m keeping this one’s talent all for myself.

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  1. I need to hire Dev for my next photoshoot…..

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