Not so Magical Memories: The Cooper Boys Kinda Build Snowman

snowman dude

Before we become moms, all women have fantasies about what life will be like with our kids. We think about their names, what they’ll look like, the life lessons we’ll expertly teach them and, of course, all the special mommy and me activities we’ll get to share as they grow.

We’ve all whiled away hours daydreaming about how these adventures in quality time would play out.

In our heads, they would happen whenever we wanted them to and everything would go smoothly. Each event would be worthy of its own entry in a mommy how-to book so incredibly perfect only mothers who were completely confident in their June Cleaver powers would be able to muster the ovaries to read it.

And then motherhood happens and we learn the hard way that fantasies seldom become realities. The delusions of acing motherhood and being the envy of all other breeding babes out there are dashed. Still, we cling to the hope that sooner or later the perfect fantasy activity will take place. And, not only will it be the vision of perfection, but magic memory dust will be sprinkled on our families and our luck will forever be changed.

Or something.

One such hope was dashed by reality last week when the Cooper boys finally got to build their first snowman.

Winter is without a doubt my favorite season. I’d much rather be bundled up and knee deep in a snow drift than soaking in the sun at the beach. So naturally I’d been dreaming of this day for years. Sadly, conditions were never right for my young brood to be outside for an extended period, the snow wasn’t packy or someone was sick…and that’s IF we had any snow.

You can imagine my elation when everything finally came together last week and I had the opportunity to take the boys out for their first snowman building experience. As soon as the bigs got home from school I threw some snow pants on the littlest and ran outside.

This is where reality took over…

Me: Let’s build a snowman!


snow angels

This went on for quite some time. Unfortunately, no snow angels got their wings that day because the snow was too packy and the boys just couldn’t make it happen.

After a bit, Devi tired of not making snow angels and began packing some snow together.


Me: Yay, Devi! That’s how you do it!


kyan snow kisses

After brushing Ky off and convincing him that he’d live if he didn’t retaliate, I decided I’d go about making the damn thing precious snowman myself.

I didn’t get pictures of this part because it wasn’t a happy memory. The short version of the story is that I would start making a ball and then someone would come and try to add snow, ultimately destroying what I’d done. Then I’d suggest they make one of the giant snowballs and they’d cry that it was just too hard. Rinse and repeat.

Eventually, I did manage to get the structure of the snowman together and we decorated him over constant arguing lively debate about who did what and what went where.

I ran to grab my camera to take a picture of the boys with our icy pal. When I turned around I discovered that Ky and Devi had scattered, but Jax stuck around for a bit of a snack.

got your nose

After much urging through gritted teeth, I got the boys rounded up and took no less than seven shots to get one almost passable group photo…

our first snowman

I share this treasured memory for two reasons. One, so my boys can look back and know why I wish kids like them on them regularly. And, two, so other moms who wonder if they’re alone in never having things turn out the way they envisioned them will know they’re in good company.

Do you have your own “Wow, that’s not how I dreamed it” story? Share it below!

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