Just for Laughs: For those who’ve been caught in “the” act…

Some days can be a little too strong, and I just need something silly to laugh about.

Today was totally one of those days.

Since I didn’t have time to sit and watch a whole movie, I decided to surf some Youtube, and as usual, I wasn’t let down. Since I love you all, I feel like sharing the laugh.

Warning: If you can’t find the humor in a little kid scolding her parents after catching them in the act, don’t watch this…what’s funny to some is never funny to all.

For the rest of you, who happen to share my bizarre sense of humor…on with the show.

This video is for those of us who’ve been in the unfortunate position of having a child, who didn’t happen to be quite as asleep as we thought, walk into the boudoir during mommy and daddy’s special “together time.”


I’m in such a better mood now, and I hope you are, too.


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