Trashed to Treasured: How to Make a Jewelry Plaque from Odd and Ends

Okay, so being a mom, I see my share of busted stuff thanks to my little cherubs. While it’s always extremely frustrating when things get destroyed, I tend to save parts if they’re in good shape. Not only have I used leftover parts to fix things around the house, but sometimes I come up with new crafting projects to turn the trash into treasures.

It’s totally satisfying to breathe life into the broken, old, and worn down to make it new and useful again.

So, today I decided to gather all my best broken pieces to make a new jewelry plaque to keep all my baubles and bits organized. (Mama can’t stand it when her multi-necklaces get tangled–it’s a real nightmare to fix.)


So here are the parts I used to make this delicious piece of useable artwork:

1. A dresser drawer face
2. Old closet doorknobs
3. Plastic mesh canvas
4. Small photo frame
5. Plastic stencil
6. Black and red spray paint

These tools come in handy when putting this project together:

1. A drill with bits
2. A screwdriver
3. Painters tape
4. Old newspaper
5. Glue gun
6. Tarp

First and foremost, this project will vary in measurements depending on the sizes of parts you use when making your own jewelry plaque, but the basic steps are the same. Therefore, when making this jewelry organizer, measure everything out and mark your measurements with a pencil before drilling to make sure all your parts are just how you want them to be.



How to make your own jewelry plaque from odds and ends:

1. Measure and mark the corners of the dresser drawer face to drill holes, so you can hang your plaque once it’s finished.

2. Drill your holes with a drill bit that’s the appropriate size for the screws you are using to mount it later.

3. Paint the drawer face with your base color. In my case, a black, gloss spray paint.

4. Make sure your photo frame is handy.

5. Paint your frame with the same paint as your drawer face to make sure that the frame is cohesive with the drawer face.

6. Cut your plastic mesh canvas to size for your photo frame. You want it to be slightly thinner than the width and slightly longer than the length so it bows out.

7. Spray paint both sides of your plastic mesh canvas in your accent color, allowing paint to dry in between. I chose a cherry red spray paint.

8. When all parts are dry, use the glue gun to run an edge of glue along the top and bottom of the frame and attach the plastic mesh canvas.

9. After your drawer face is dry, place your stencils on top of the drawer holes where the knobs use to be. Center them how you please.

10. Once the stencils are where you want them, start to cover around the stencil with newspaper and painter’s tape to prevent spray paint from spritzing unintended areas.

11. Gently spray paint over the stencil in soft layers to prevent the paint from running under the stencil.

12. Carefully remove the stencils and allow area to dry thoroughly.

13. Make sure your knobs are clean and ready for paint.

14. Spray paint your knobs with your accent color. Allow your knobs to dry completely before adding a second or third coat, if needed.

15. Once your mesh frame is dry, use the glue gun to run hot glue along the back of the frame and place it in the center of the drawer face. Also, if your closet knobs have a base decoration like mine, glue them to the drawer leaving the holes centered. Then, once your knobs are dry, you can attach them back to your drawer face.

16. Paint the screws you’re using to hang your jewelry plaque in your accent color and, once everything is dried, hang it up. Then, add you precious baubles and bits for safe keeping.

I had a blast making this DIY jewelry plaque on my own! I hope it inspires you to make one all your own, too.

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