Is it time for a swear jar?

Know someone who could benefit from an extra reminder not to cuss? Maybe it’s time for a swear jar.

You’ve heard of them right?

No? The basic idea is that nothing stings an adult like punishing the pocketbook. So, whenever the household potty mouth utters a swear word, he or she has to put a predetermined amount of money into the swear jar as a reminder that no good comes from cussing.

Every time a bad word comes out, a little dough goes in. The money can be set aside for vacation spending money, a trip to the ice cream shop or a pedicure for mommy–whatever your “family” decides. 😉 Then if someone hears a swear word, the offender has to pony up the fine.

It seems kind of funny on the surface, but everybody sees better results when they’re being held accountable for their actions, no matter what the goal. Having a to cough up 50 cents every time a naughty word crosses his or her lips is a strong motivator to curb the swearing habit.

Cutting back on cursing can be as hard as breaking any other habit. If you’re not consciously trying to change it, it can haunt you forever. A dirty word just slips out and–BAM–the next thing you know, the cute, blonde-haired parrot one room over is repeating it to grandma…at church…during a moment of silence.

Not awesome.

Swear jars are great because there is a clear penalty for breaking the no swearing rule. You say it, you pay it. Simple and effective.

Have you ever used a swear jar? Did it curb the bad habit? How much money did you set for the fine? Leave a comment below!

The Swear Jar pictured above can be personalized for anyone who just might need the extra reminder. Click the link to order yours today. 🙂

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  1. i can’t imagine how much money my parents would have saved if they’d had one of these. as for hubby and i, he doesn’t swear, at least not around us, probably with his boyz on game day. i swear, but only around him and i don’t drop the f bomb anywhere. for us, h-e-double hockey sticks isn’t a cuss word, just another destination. so i get to use that one all the time. lol.

    this is definitely a cute jar. just love it. mother’s day is coming, i’m wondering what my mom would have to say if i gifted her one of these…my ears are already burning just thinking about it.
    vanita recently posted..Tuesday’s Tear Sheet: Use Your Blogger Voice To Be Inspiring

  2. avatar Stephanie- Coolest Sister in the World says:

    I used one in one of my classrooms temporarily. It did not help because it was viewed as a fun way to spend money. Back.. to the FIRE.

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