Hunger for change: Is this our time?

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Do you ever just crave a change? Not something relatively minor like new haircut — I’m talking about something huge. A fresh start.

I used to be the kind of person who hated change. Status quo meant no surprises. Every day I just walked around above an invisible safety net. Safe, safe, safe. Even if I fell flat on my face, damage would be minimal because there was always that fail-safe.

Living like that definitely has its benefits, no doubt about it. And, there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to feel secure. The trouble is I’m 34 and can’t help but wonder what opportunities we missed because my husband and I never stepped beyond the boundaries of that safety zone.

Sure, we’ve talked about it. What young couple hasn’t spent an evening daydreaming about doing something big?  We’ve talked about moving far from our home state of Illinois a zillion times, but the conversations were quickly snuffed out by a slew of reasons to stay put. As exciting as the change of scenery and adventure of planting roots in a new place sounded, we always circled back to the same things — families and money.

Neither of us wanted to be far from our parents and siblings, and we knew it would take a whole lotta cheddar to uproot a family of five and set up house in a totally new place.

Still, that hunger for change kept eating away at both of us. We weren’t getting any younger, and it felt like our window for making a giant life change was getting smaller by the year. Right now our kids are still small and haven’t made tight circles of friends they’d have to leave behind. And, the hubz and I still feel like we’re young enough to start fresh and establish ourselves in a new place. Why not put on our grownup pants and cast the net just to see what happens?

And, one day, that’s exactly what Brock did. Neither of us have been happy with our current situation for a long time, so one day, he just started looking for a new job…anywhere. When he found something interesting, he’d send out his resume and move on to the next. This went on for about six months until a couple weeks ago the phone finally rang.

Out of the blue, a Fortune 500 company in the St. Louis area he’d applied to months ago gave him a jingle. The next thing I knew, they were flying him down for an interview.

Since then we’ve been on pins and needles waiting. Are we about to be swept into that monumental life change? Will our kids be growing up in the burbs rather than the rural communities we grew up in? Will we be alright?

There’s no guarantee that he’ll get the job, but regardless, the excitement we’ve experienced since that first call has lit a fire in both of us. We know now that we won’t be satisfied until we take that leap away from the safety net. It’s going to happen — if not now, soon.

Have you ever had that craving for a fresh start? Did you go for it?



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  1. I left my well paid job in advertising with nothing to go to – I just wanted a big change because I hated doing what I was doing. I am so glad I did – I fell into another media job – making TV programmes! And I loved it and met the man I have had a beautiful son with. Now I’ve got itchy feet to move abroad… but have to persuade him to take the plunge!

    • Good for you, mama! It’s awesome how those things happen. And, an adventure abroad? That sounds so exciting! Where would you be heading? ~Jessi

  2. My hubby and I moved from the Buffalo NY area where we both grew up 17 years ago. We had been married a year at the time. We came down to visit my parents and I had set up an interview in Orlando at a bank. And I got it! So we packed up and moved down about a month later. Of course this was before we had kids, owned a house, etc.
    The only family here is my parents but they live about an hour away. We sometimes miss having family around, like for holidays or other life-events, but we have made friends here who have become like family to us.
    I sometimes wonder what would have happened if we had stayed up there…but I know I would have missed out meeting a lot of people and having all the experiences we’ve had living here.
    Good luck!

    • It’s so awesome that you went for it! Talk about a huge change. NY to Florida is night and day. So cool. Northern IL to MO isn’t quite so different, but it’s far enough that it would be uncharted territory for us. ~Jessi

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