Household Tips and Tricks: Cleaning with Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar has a high level of acidity which makes it great for cleaning up around the house. The vinegar kills most bacterias, germs and mold; plus, it’s a real cash saver!

The great thing about using distilled vinegar for cleaning–versus other household products–is that it isn’t loaded with chemicals that can make you and your children sick. It’s all natural and has been around for centuries.

I personally use vinegar to clean hard water from my coffee maker. Whenever it gets clogged, I just pour equal amounts of water and distilled white vinegar into my coffee maker and set it to brew. I follow that with two more pots of plain water (on brew) to flush out the rest of the vinegar. It keeps my coffee pot clean and is a cheap fix for my hard water problems.

I also like to use vinegar to tidy up my windows. I mix one part distilled white vinegar and two parts water in a spray bottle and just spray and wipe with paper towels. It gets rid of the gunk and grime left behind from little fingers! You can also use this same solution to wipe down counter tops and appliances! However, if you’re using vinegar avoid using it on marble counters as it will destroy them–and that would not be good.

When we moved into our home some of the rooms were “decorated” with the most hideous wallpaper on the face of the planet. I’m a DIY kinda gal, so I wanted to repaint, but I had the awful task of removing the paper before I could redo our dining room. I took one of those wallpaper perforating tools and simple perforated my wallpaper and sprayed the walls generously with a vinegar solution (half warm water and half vinegar). Then I was able to easily scrape the wallpaper from the walls. The acidity of the vinegar ate through the glue and left my walls nice and clean to put a fresh coat of paint on them.

As a mom, I’m also going through the potty training phases with my younger children, and that means accidents. I use vinegar to kill the urine odor in clothing and bedding. I simply take my solution of half warm water and half distilled vinegar and spray the “wet” area. I allow it to dry before throwing it in the wash. I use my regular detergent and everything comes out fresh and pee-free.

The possibilities of cleaning with vinegar are endless, and at around two bucks or less per gallon jug, the savings add up! You can find many uses for vinegar that keep your house clean without breaking the bank!


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