Teen Designs Wireless Headphones with Hearing Loss Prevention in Mind

I have a confession.

Listening to music is a big part of my life, but I don’t always enjoy it responsibly. I love it loud. At times, dangerously loud. I have a tendency to take that baby up to 11 if I’m really feeling the vibe.

Still, I’m constantly telling my kids to listen at safe volumes to prevent permanent damage. Hypocritical, I know, but it’s safe to wager that there are a great many parents guilty of the same “do as I say, not as I do” mentality when it comes to their tunes.

It wasn’t until I came across an interesting story about young inventor, Kingsley Cheng, that I really thought about the risk I was taking, not only with my own hearing, but my sons’. After all, we know actions speak louder than words. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out mom’s jams are playing outside of the safety zone when she’s wearing headphones and they can still sing along.

16-year-old Cheng recognized that when kids (and let’s face it, adults) are listening with subpar headphones, they have a tendency to jack up the volume in order to compensate. After doing some research, he was determined to develop studio-quality headphones with hearing loss prevention in mind. And, with the help of his father, Rayman, that’s exactly what he did.

“According to the World Health Organization, 1.1 billion young people worldwide risk their hearing with unsafe listening practices,” says Kingsley. “The American Academy of Audiology reports that approximately 12% of all children ages 6-19 have noise-induced hearing loss. We’re here to change all that and make listening safe. We are excited to introduce a product that will revolutionize the way we listen to music.”

6-19?!?! My sons range from ages 6-10, and the thought of them damaging their hearing through unsafe listening practices hits way too close to home. Are you in the same boat? Take a look at Kingley’s invention, the AEGIS Pro headphones.

After watching that video, I feel compelled to share the Chengs’ vision, as well as change my own listening practices. I can’t imagine how much damage I’ve already done to my hearing, and would hate to allow my kids to hurt theirs while listening to music, watching videos or gaming. With the Chengs’ unique technology, we’d all be able to listen responsibly and still have the best auditory experience possible.

About AEGIS Pro Headphones

AEGIS PRO headphones allow wireless listening freedom and mobility, while an advanced three mode active noise canceling system typically found only in higher end headphones improves productivity and focus by reducing unwanted, ambient sounds in noisy environments by up to 95%.

Aegis Pro headphones

Some additional features that families will love are:

• Perfectly balanced studio quality audio with dual driver design
• LED ambient light listening duration indicator
• Wired/Wireless flexibility and smartphone controls
• 14 hour battery life
• Foldable design with hypoallergenic memory foam inside ear cushions and headband

With so many amazing features, and a sleek, wireless design, I know that my whole family would enjoy hours of safe listening with AEGIS Pro headphones. At the time I’m writing this, Cheng has a Kickstarter campaign going to get mass production underway so families like mine can prevent noise-induced hearing loss while doing their favorite daily activities. If you’re interested in backing their project, they offer great incentives, including being among the first to get your hands on these amazing headphones at a substantial discount.

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