Has Halloween Lost Some of Its Spirit?

Yesterday, my sons and I traversed what felt like 300 miles for the sake of candy and good fun. My oldest was a Transformer, middle was Iron Man and the little was rockin’ a mean Batman. The hubz’s influence?

I think so.

When I was a kid, the streets were filled with children and every house had its light on.

You could get an entire sack of candy within a few blocks and be home gorging on chocolate bars and way too many Tootsie Rolls in an hour…easy. That just isn’t the case anymore. My family walked many many blocks and drove to two different areas of town, looking for houses with their lights on.

For every house with a porch light, there were about 3 or 4 that were dark. I could rationalize it as people who had their own kids, but the reality was that there just weren’t that many kids out either. There was the occasional roaming band of mischievious teens, but there just weren’t many children out.

What happened?

Is business to business trick-or-treating replacing the traditional door to door? Is everyone attending parties and forgoing the whole trick-or-treating experience altogether?

I hope not.

The Halloweens I remember were a great part of childhood and the simple trick-or-treating tradition seems to be disappearing like many other things I enjoyed as a kid.

We talked to a few of the people handing out candy, and they said they hardly had any people come by. No wonder there isn’t anyone handing out candy. No one is showing up to get it. The times they are a changing. A tradition that has been around for decades is slowly going the way of the VHS tape and CD. Pretty soon, Halloween will be more for adults and their parties than actual trick-or-treating.

I hope it lasts long enough that my children have several years of going house to house. There’s a simple happiness to seeing their eyes light up when they see the spooky decorations and hearing their cheerful voices shouting “Trick-or-Treat!”

Have you noticed a decline in simple holiday traditions in your area?


Photo: flickr.com/photos/qnr/274902921

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  1. great pumpkin Just stoping by from the blog hop http://mommaof3-littlebits.blogspot.com/

  2. We noticed the very same thing. We walked for over an hour around our neighborhood and there were way more houses w/no lights than with. Seemed like more kids here this year, though.

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