Goal of the Week: Week 3 – Walk with Your Head Up

Goal of the Week 300Welcome to week three of our Sunday Goal of the Week series. If this is your first week visiting, here are the deets. Each week I will throw out a goals that will range from organizing things in our environments and braving new experiences to connecting with or helping others around us. They’ll be simple, but they’ll hopefully add a little something extra to our weeks.

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Let’s get started.

First, did you accomplish last week’s goal?

Week Two’s Goal: Make one subtle change in your style.

I didn’t have the chance to do what I really wanted to do, which was try a knew haircut, but I did wear a different scarf every day of the week. I love scarves and have been collecting them for a while, but I haven’t been wearing them nearly as often as I’d like. Not only did making a point of wearing the scarves make me actually put them to use, but it forced me to get dressed and look nice even if I had nowhere to go. It was really nice to feel put together and even a little sassy and really lifted my spirits, even on days when the weather was horrid and we were snowed in.

Did you meet the goal? Let me know in the comments below!

Week Three’s Goal: Walk with your head up.

Now, I realize it’s winter and there’s snow and ice on the ground that you have to be careful with, but in the building at work or at the store, make a point to walk with your head up. Not only do you start to feel more confident, but it gives you the opportunity to let your eyes meet other people’s and give them a smile. It’s easy to forget how good these simple interactions make us and those we meet feel. It’s like passing on a smile and who knows how far it will go. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes for you! See you next week!

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