Girly Products: Does your man know your brand?

Sour Patch candies? Really? Must have been a teenage boy behind that.

When it comes to feminine products, most women have definite preferences. We know exactly what we like and why.

Ladies understand that not all girly products are made with the same quality; not to mention that there’s a distinct difference between tampons and pads. It’s a girl thing. And we take it seriously.

Men, however, don’t have a clue, and really, why would they want one? It’s not like most of us are experts in products for jock itch treatments. I don’t even know if you use a powder or a cream for that. And, frankly, I don’t want to know.

Why do I bring this up? Well, because today when I was at the store, I overheard a woman on her cell phone absolutely reaming her husband or boyfriend or some other poor, unfortunate soul for “making” her have to go to the store herself to replace the “wrong” product he brought home for her. That dude totally took some verbal punishment. No joke.

Now, I’ve been with my husband for almost 15 years and not once has he ever brought me the brand (or even close) that I prefer. After being together so for so long, you’d think he might have picked up on at least the packaging, but hey, whatever. The bottom line is that he’s man enough–and loves me enough–to go and get me my girly products when I’m in a pinch. I know he hates it, but he’s trying to help, and I appreciate it.

Ladies, when it comes to feminine products, men are clueless, and they’d prefer to stay that way. It’s, like, to maintain the purity of the gender or something. If they could walk into that aisle with a blindfold on, or avoid it altogether, they would. And, when they do have to brave the feminine hygiene aisle, they don’t know how to read the labels or what to look for. They just know they’re absorbent, the general region where they stand guard when they’re on duty and that bigger must be better.

We can’t blame them for making the “wrong” choice. If we were in their shoes, we’d be Googling their products from our smartphones right in the middle of the aisle, if not marching right up to a pharmacist and saying, “Alright, so the hubby has a rash on his man parts. What would you suggest?”

Men aren’t wired like we are. The only way to ensure that you’re going to get the girly goodies you prefer is if you:

A) Write down a ridiculously detailed description, including product name, brand, absorbency level (including a little drawing of the pads with the right one filled in like those standardized tests from high school) and a diagram or digital snapshot of the store’s feminine hygiene display with your preferred choice circled, highlighted, bolded, underlined and italicized;

B) Plan ahead and buy them yourself before an emergency situation should occur.

I hate to sound like I’m taking the guys’ side on this one, but if you’d heard the abuse that chick was doling out to her old man, you’d be thinking about it long after the fact, too.

How about you? Does your man know your brand of girly products? Will he go get them for you at all? Chime in in the comments below!


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  1. I think my husband knows. He drives trucks, so it’s rare that he’s home, let alone available to just run to the store me. I’m pretty much on my own. But I do remember once he called me from the isle, when we were first married. He was reading every single label out loud for me, and was interrupted by a lady in the store, who took his phone from him, asked me what I wanted, and handed him the box of correct product.

  2. I guess I am like the common guys who have absolutely no knowledge on the personal care products used by women. However, a ridiculously detailed description would really help a lot.
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  3. Well, I don’t have “a man” but I am bringing up a young man and he knows. I have probably scarred the kid for life!! There have been a couple of times that we have had to hurry through the store so we have split up the list and the first time he got that section he was wrong and I went back and got the right ones. The second time he had it right on! So, I have either scarred him or I am prepping him well for some lucky lady 🙂

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