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I work on the Internet, so I’m often popping up all over the place from morning until night. It may seem like I’m constantly online, but my tablet and phone make it easy for me to slip in and out while still doing my primary job — being a mom. Blogging, writing and contracting my social media services give me the flexibility to earn money and still be the mom I want to be.

Balancing momming and working has always been a challenge, especially when I was starting out. Getting established took some time, but once people started to recognize me and follow along around the web, things got much easier. Luckily for me, the hubz was working from home at the time, so the kids always had access to one of us if the other was totally swamped.

Now that he’s working outside of the home there’s been a shift in how I do things again. What I do online is important, because my financial contribution is necessary, but the kids are still my top priority. SAHM first, WAHM second.

In order to keep my focus on my family, I’ve started getting up much earlier to work before they even wake up. If it’s a school day, I have several hours of the day to get things accomplished while their in class. On weekends, I try like crazy to keep work time to a minimum, though I almost always have something that needs to get done.


Honestly, when it comes to mom-work balancing act, the school year spoils me, and nothing slaps me with that reality harder than their vacation weeks. Last week was spring brea, and I was really scrambling to get everything done — hence the late night A to Z Challenge posts. When they’re all here, they want and deserve my attention, and I really don’t want to be working. Running around with them outside, doing silly experiments and afternoon movie parties are way more attractive than writing about, well, anything. And, truth be told, I think making the memories together is more important than working on my Klout score or creating clever memes that nobody will ever know came from my wacky noodle anyway.

Did I do a great job of balancing while they were home last week? No. Will I lose sleep over it? Literally, yes — come Monday when I have to play catchup. Will I regret choosing the marvel in my boys’ eyes when they saw the “real” unicorns in Legend over writing a how-to on juicing? Never.

This week has, however, opened my eyes to my need for better planning to pull off summer vacation. I know that if I use what’s left of the school year organizing my schedule, I’ll be in a much better position to balance the mom and work thing much better.

Do you have any tips on balancing stay-at-home-motherhood and working from home?

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  1. Balancing family and work is hard. I am an aspiring author so I write whenever I can. I also do my best to always put my children first. I home school my kids and finding time to work on my writing is a challenge. I try to squeeze blogging in during the day and actual writing in during the evening while they are sleeping. That way I am there for them when they need me. My husband works until midnight so my crazy night writing habits don’t take away to much time from him either. Good luck at finding the perfect balance for summer! Simply Sarah

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