Flair Yourself Friday: Types of False Fingernails

I can tell you that I’m honestly a fan of false nails. My natural nails are extremely thin and have never in my life grown properly. For someone like me who would like to have gorgeous fingernails, but can’t grow them naturally, false nails are an awesome solution.

There are several types of fake nails out there, and trying to find the right ones for you takes a little research, but–low and behold–I’ve done it for you!

Exciting right?

The most common type of false nails are acrylic nails. Acrylics are a mixture of polymer powder and liquid monomer. It’s quick to harden; normally it only takes 30-40 seconds. The one thing I enjoy about acrylic nails is that when you grow tired of them they’re easily removed using a product such as acetone.

Then there is a UV top coat, or polymer resin. This type of fake nail hardens under UV light. A good polymer nail can be expensive, but have better qualities, such as flexibility and strength. The downside to this nail is you can’t remove it. Your only choice is to let your nails grow back out after having this type of fake nail put on.

Then there is your fiberglass or silk wrap nails. These false nails are applied by cutting a piece of fiberglass or silk fabric and fitting that to the surface of the nail, or nail tip, then sealing it using resin or glue. This type of nail is great for those of you who are allergic to acrylic or acrylic powders.

You do need to make sure that when you get your nails done you see a professional that knows exactly what he or she is doing. A fake nail that isn’t properly fit can do serious damage to you nail bed and effect the growth, or prevent your nails from growing the way they should.

The most common problem to be aware of when considering fake nails is that fungal infections tend to form between the natural and false nails, or if you bump your false nail too hard you can separate your real nail from its nail bed–not pretty.

Considering false or going natural is completely up to you. If you can grow beautiful nails all your own, I say stay natural, but if your nails are like mine, with an excellent nail tech, false nail are great alternatives.

Photo: flickr.com/photos/nailsbylisa/4196937181

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