Every mom has… #A to Z Challenge


Every mom has…


  • Worn a mystery substance in public only to discover it after she’s spoken to at least five people.


  • Crammed a snack into her mouth before her kids could see it and ask for some.


  • Wished her mom was at her side to help her through a situation.


  • Been frustrated to the point of tears.


  • Had all the shenanigans of the day charmed away by the sight of her sleeping baby.


  • Counted the hours until bedtime.


  • Been caught off guard and had to stifle a laugh when her kid said or did something naughty.


  • Miraculously healed a booboo with the magic Dr. Mom prescription: superhero Band-Aid and a kiss.


  • Wondered how another mom does it all so easily.


  • Laughed when she realized the job isn’t easy for anyone, and some moms are just better actors.


  • Left a load of laundry in the dryer because something more important came up, like attending a tea party.


  • Been randomly hit by the realization that she’s a mom, even after she changed thousands of diapers, prepared thousands of meals and said thousands of “I love yous.”

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