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When I looked for a car seat for my oldest son, who is now nearly nine, I wasn’t sure what features would be important for me beside safety. Ultimately, I chose a model that was meant to be convertible from infant to toddler, and was heavily swayed by the stroller that the infant seat locked down into. Rookie mistake. While the seat took my son well into his third year, the stroller conked out on me and I eventually had to replace both altogether. Plus, cleaning and converting the seat were daunting tasks and, in true Jessi fashion, I misplaced the instructions, making the experience a total nightmare.

When I was given the opportunity to review the Evenflo Platinum Symphony LX Car Seat with my youngest son, Devin, I did a little dance. While he’s five, and has far surpassed the baby stage, the seat is built for little ones from 5-110 pounds, so he will get years of use out of it.

As soon as I took it out of the box, Devin was in love. The seat is comfortably cushioned and larger than the model we were using before. He was also thrilled about the cup holders on both sides for drinks, snacks or action figures…you know, the important stuff.

Evenflo Symphony Platinum LX

I started thumbing through the instruction manual and was instantly impressed. First, Evenflo’s Platinum Protection Series of car seats feature NASA-developed Outlast® technology, which is a temperature regulating fabric that keeps children comfortable year round. Keeping kids, from babies to big guys, at a comfy temperature not only keeps them from getting too hot or cold, but they’re less likely to distract whichever parent is driving with complaints of discomfort. To this veteran mom the safety and peaceful drive are both big selling points and massively appreciated.


Also, for children who still need the five point harness, there are Buckle Pockets located on the sides to tuck the metal buckles back and away from your child’s sensitive skin before they’re buckled in. In Illinois, our summers get very hot, and I wish I would have had this feature for all my boys. Shorts and hot metal buckles are an awful combination.

My son, however, is at the booster stage of use, so we don’t need the harness. I was intimidated by the conversion process, because I’ve had horrible experiences in the past, but the Evenflo Platinum Symphony LX car seat makes it so easy. First, remember how I lost the instructions to my first car seat? This isn’t a problem with the Platinum Symphony. The seat has a special holding spot on the back so you can tuck it inside for easy storage and reference. It’s a simple feature, but such a cool one for every mom.

evenflo back

Second, the owner’s manual had clear instructions with pictures to aid me through the conversion process. Removing the extra padding and moving the buckles and straps out of the seat were a breeze. I’ve never had an easier time with a car seat. Like, ever. Plus, it’s designed to store the unused straps and buckles under and behind the seat, so you won’t misplace them either. It’s so cool!

Finally, when Devin climbs in, he was in heaven. The side impact protection keeps him snuggled in safely and comfortably. When he doses off, it’s nice to see how sweetly he sleeps with his head against the rest instead of slumping down into that weird neck-bendy position – you moms know what I’m talking about. Also, the seat is taller than his last one and he enjoys sitting high on his new, cushiony throne.

And, of course, he had to ham it up for the pictures rather than sitting nicely, because he’s, well, like me. 🙂

Evenflo Devin

Neither of us could be happier with the Evenflo Platinum Symphony LX Car Seat. I honestly wish I’d have had this model for all my boys right from infancy. They’d be the only seats the guys would have ever needed, and saved me time, money and a whole mess of headaches. I definitely recommend this seat to moms of babies, toddlers and young children.

Learn more about the Evenflo Platinum Symphony LX Car Seat at Babies ‘R Us.

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