Easter Basket Blues

When I was growing up, our Easter baskets were always stuffed with candy. Jelly beans, chocolate eggs and my personal favorites…the robin’s eggs bubble gum…were among some of the staples every year. My mom…erm…I mean…the Easter Bunny was rather predictable that way, not that you’d hear me complaining.

Along with the candy, was usually a small toy or two, but nothing significant. The main event were the goodies as far as we were concerned anyway.

Now that I’m a mom myself, I kind of go in the opposite direction. My kids’ baskets are usually filled with books, bubbles, Play-Doh and art supplies. Then we sprinkle in some cute suckers, chocolates and jelly beans for that extra Easter flair.

It’s not that I’m opposed to massive quantities of candies, because we bag it up and dole it out little by little anyway. The thing is, not only do I like giving them things that will last a little longer, but I know my parents are going to have a ton of candy waiting for them when we go for our Easter visit.

Still, for some reason, I feel kind of guilty every year when my mom asks the kids if the Easter Bunny filled their baskets with sweets and my kids say no. I don’t so much feel that the boys are disappointed, because I know for a fact they’re not. My guilt comes from that nagging feeling that my mom takes it as some sort of criticism of how she raised us.

And yes, I’ve tried to explain my reasoning, but I can always see that little twinge of hurt in her eyes. Yet, every year she forgets that we do little gifts rather than sugary goodies. And every year I feel like the most ungrateful, judgmental daughter on the planet for going in a different direction.

Do you have a similar situation with your parents? Am I the only Grinchy Bunny that doesn’t go nuts on the sugar?

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  1. My parents didn’t do a lot of candy, so I sort of follow there lead. Although they did always buy very high end chocolate bunnies from small candy shops. I do just a few little chocolates nothing too fancy, actually the bunny brings names like Hershey, and peeps, heaven forbid. I think my parents just feel sorry for my kids!! But I think it’s sweet and sad that your mom may take your different take as an editorial on your own childhood. Parents are very hard to raise these days!! Great post! I really like you site and am so glad I found you on voiceBoks!!

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