Dameian Lott Saved My Site

Okay…so, I’m an idiot. I messed where I ought not be messing.

dameian lott saved site

Dameian Lott, Web Design Badass -photo by: Ashley Gillett Photography

Messing with my blog theme wasn’t a good idea. In fact, thanks to my novice monkeying, I crashed my entire site. I couldn’t even log into WordPress. That’s how awesomely bad I am at web design.

So…just as I was about to break down in complete and utter bloggy despair, I remembered my pal, Dameian Lott.

I met Dameian on Twitter a few months ago. Nothing brings people together like micro-blogging about the Humpty Dance and football.

Since then, we’ve chatted here and there about off-the-wall, completely random subjects, because, as luck would have it, his sense of humor is eerily just as bizarre as mine. If you want some interesting conversation, @DameianLott is the way to go, trust me. He’s hilarious. The Jessi doesn’t tweet-hang with the hopelessly uncool…it totally messes with the street cred…or tweet cred, as it were.


Dameian happens to be a super-awesome web designer. His specialty is building and managing web sites for small businesses, and he’s good at what he does. His sites are clean and professional, which in an Internet driven world, can make or break a small business. Your site’s appearance is muy importante (for those less Mexican than me, that means very important.)

So, today, after I single-handedly broke my site, I scurried to Twitter and sent out the bat signal:

dameian lott help

An hour later, on a Sunday afternoon, mind you, I received this response:

dameian lott web design

How frickin’ awesome is that? He could have easily ignored my cry for help, but no…he rushed to the aid of a damsel who was truly in some web distress.

Chivalry? Totally not dead.

After I briefly explained what happened, he hopped onto my HostGator.com account (with my permission, of course) and fixed EVERYTHING…and then some!

Dameian Lott saved my site!

Quite literally. It went from total obliteration to snazzy and fresh within minutes. The man knows what he’s doing. BIGTIME!

Lessons I learned from today’s shenanigans:

  • Before I toy with my precious corner of the Internet, I should consult a professional
  • I just shouldn’t toy with my precious corner of the Internet
  • Dameian Lott is a good person to know
  • Twitter is invaluable for connecting schmucks like me with professionals who actually know what they’re doing

Dameian, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you did for me. I was totally lost and would have had to start over. I totally owe you one, or ten.

For the rest of you Interwebbers and small business owners, know this man. He’s a great guy and a badass Web design guru. Look. Him. Up.

Photo of Dameian Lott credited to: Ashley Gillett Photography

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