10 Reasons I’m Stoked for School to Start

I love my sons. They are truly my lifelong dream come true. It's a privilege to be home refereeing caring for them every day, and they bring a joy into my life that no other people in the universe could ever touch. That being said... I'm counting down the days to their first day of school. (Cough...14...cough, cough.) Reason Number 1: I haven't seen an empty sink for more than 1o minutes in the last five years. If I time it right, I can get at least three solid clear sink hours before the hubz comes home for lunch. Reason Number 2: There will be silence...during daylight...that … [Read more...]

Reflections: She’s Going to Preschool

Every work at home mom knows life can be a crazy, and yet often it's very lonely business to care for your children, especially before they are old enough to talk. And, while it’s a great privilege to get to enjoy these moments with my kids, there are moments when I just crave having someone to talk to. Thankfully, my middle child learned to talk early for her age, and is further blessed to be so articulate. She's spunky and has shown an interest in many activities that I enjoy. So, for the last two years that she's been chatting away, I've had a mini companion to follow me around and share … [Read more...]

Sad About Preschool…Me, Not Him

With the exception of the obligatory weirdy hour where Kyan goes to pick up his report card on Tuesday, my kids are officially done with school this year. Whew! We made it. And, trust me, there were a couple of times when I thought we wouldn't. But, my celebratory dance is a touch bittersweet, because come August, all three of the boys will be in school. I can't even believe it. Filling out Devin's preschool forms was actually so emotional for me, I had to leave it to the Brocker. He's been my little sidekick for three years, and while I know it's a good thing he's stoked to be joining … [Read more...]

Mommy Blues: My Kid Hurt My Feelings

Sooo, my son hurt my feelings. No, he didn't point out I have some pounds to lose or tell me that I embarrassed him. He didn't call me a mean name or bust out the "I wish you weren't my mom." I'm prepared for him to drop some of these ugly, low-blow kidisms eventually, because sooner or later every kid tries one or two out for size. They know these nasty little remarks are powerful enough to make a parent want to hide under a rock and cry for their mommies. And, of course, they're not sincere, but just meant to cut you to the quick and stop you in your tracks. I know all of these … [Read more...]

No More Babies: Bring On the Big Boy Stage!

Next month my youngest partner in crime will be turning three, and it's suddenly hitting me that I'll no longer have a "baby" in the house. A teeny, tiny part of me is sad that the phase is coming to a close, but a large part of me is thrilled to be dancing into big boy territory. In fact, that part is quick to flog the sad part whenever the rare flareup occurs. It wasn't very long ago that the thought of not having a little bundle ever again brought me to tears. Like. Literally. Trust me, as of late, I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat that those days are over. As I'm clearing my home of … [Read more...]

Moms: Every Day’s Unsung Heroes

When firefighters run into a burning building to save lives, there's no doubt they have courage. When a police officer pursues an armed criminal to keep innocent people safe, no one questions if he or she has courage. When you ask a child what a hero is, these are people—besides superheroes—that spring to their minds. They're brave. They help people. They have cool uniforms. But they're not the only ones who put their hearts and souls into their courageous efforts every day. This Valentine's Day I want to acknowledge the heroes that never get the glory. They never grab the headlines in … [Read more...]