10 Reasons I’m Stoked for School to Start

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I love my sons. They are truly my lifelong dream come true. It's a privilege to be home refereeing caring for them every day, and they bring a joy into my life that no other people in the universe could ever touch. That being said... I'm counting down the days to their first day of school. (Cough...14...cough, cough.) Reason Number 1: I haven't seen an empty sink for more than 1o minutes in the last five years. If I time it right, I can get at least three solid clear sink hours before the hubz comes home for lunch. Reason Number 2: There will be silence...during daylight...that … [Read more...]

Goal of the Week: Week 3 – Walk with Your Head Up

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Welcome to week three of our Sunday Goal of the Week series. If this is your first week visiting, here are the deets. Each week I will throw out a goals that will range from organizing things in our environments and braving new experiences to connecting with or helping others around us. They'll be simple, but they'll hopefully add a little something extra to our weeks. If you'd like a reminder to check the week's goal, make sure you're following Mama's Got Flair on Facebook and I'll post the link as soon as it's live on Sunday. To make sure you're seeing my status updates in your newsfeed, … [Read more...]

Author Extra: Finding Time Between Parenthood and Writerhood


If there's one thing every mom is familiar with, it's the day to day juggling act we call our lives. Today, B. K. Walker, author of "To Love a Wolf" shares her secret to balancing her family, farm, home, education and writing. I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted just thinking about it. :) ~Jessi~ Finding Time Between Parenthood and Writerhood by B.K. Walker With so much on my plate, I'm often asked how I do it? I mean, being a Mom of 2 teenage boys and a 21 year old girl, running a farm with cows, goats, pigs, chickens, 4 dogs and 5 cats, running several businesses and blogs, … [Read more...]

Weight loss tool: Free site simulates your body at your goal weight!

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I've tried so hard to lose weight over the years, but like many women have had a really long road with little to no lasting positive results. Frustration gives way to feeling totally defeated, and then months later I decide it's time to try again. There are many ways to lose weight, and more and more "dieting" advice from experts is leaning towards making life changes that will have you living and feeling healthy for the long haul. I totally agree, and that's what I want. My desire to lose weight and keep it off is just a part of the big picture - overall health. And, not just for me, but … [Read more...]

Focusing on Family – My uneven balancing act #AtoZChallenge


I work on the Internet, so I'm often popping up all over the place from morning until night. It may seem like I'm constantly online, but my tablet and phone make it easy for me to slip in and out while still doing my primary job -- being a mom. Blogging, writing and contracting my social media services give me the flexibility to earn money and still be the mom I want to be. Balancing momming and working has always been a challenge, especially when I was starting out. Getting established took some time, but once people started to recognize me and follow along around the web, things got much … [Read more...]

Hey, mom! I can read! #31DayMarch


I've read more books in the last four months than I have in my entire adult life. Sad, but true. When I was younger everything seemed so fast pace. We were always doing something and I didn't appreciate the relaxing breather that came with indulging in a great story. Then as the cherubs joined the family, time and peace were always in short supply. If there was a chance to sit still for an hour without having a baby on my lap, chances are sleep was a more appealing alternative to reading a couple chapters of a book that I'd probably never finish. Now, however, the boys are becoming more … [Read more...]