W!n a Trip to NYC: TopDentists.com Wants to Know – Who Makes You Smile?

Who makes you smile? Your kids? Your puppy? Your significant other? Wouldn't it be awesome to get a free trip to New York, a huge wad of dough and pampered like a queen--just for spreading the joy of your sassy smile? Share a great photo of you and a special someone and a short blurb about your picture with the folks at TopDentists.com and you might just win yourself a trip to New York City for a professional teeth-whitening makeover! That's right. An all-expense paid trip, $1000 spending money and a professional photo shoot for you and a super lucky plus one to the Big Apple. … [Read more...]

Dishes to Pass that Travel Well

When celebrating holidays with family and friends, a lot of times get-togethers are done potluck style, with everyone bringing a dish to pass. This was rather simple before I had children. Now, there aren't many safe places left in the van after adding my three kids, all of whom sit in car seats. If a party was across town, having a pie or cake on my lap would be easy enough. However, my parents live 45 minutes away and my in-laws, 2 1/2 hours. (Yeah...we judge distance by time in Illinois.) As you can imagine, spending this long in a grocery getter full of antsy boys with a dessert on … [Read more...]

Goal Zero: Portable Solar Power for Your Phone or Computer

Do you enjoy the great outdoors, but have a hard time parting with the devices that keep you connected? Moms are doing everything nowadays, from camping to hiking, but we still need to stay connected. The only thing worse than realizing you have to update a project at the last minute, is figuring out how to do it from a cell phone with a drained battery...two miles from the nearest outlet. It seems as long as there's been rockin' electronics meant for mobile convenience, we've been getting ourselves into these completely inconvenient situations. That's why old school solutions have … [Read more...]

Get a Taste of Texas On Tour Plus Chili Gift Pack Giveaway – NOW CLOSED

While I've never been to Texas, my family has history there. My father was born and raised in the Lone Star State and I'd give my best barbecue to experience Texas for myself. The folks at Texas on Tour have teamed up with the City of San Antonio (who is celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo) to share the flavor of their culture and history-rich state. Texas. It's like a whole other country. Have you considered planning a vacation in Texas, but really weren't sure what they had to offer? You don't have to wonder anymore. This summer, you can take a virtual Texas … [Read more...]