Getting the most out of my Halloween costume dollars

Halloween is almost here! This year my youngest two were old enough to pick out their own costumes for themselves. Far be it from me to say no unless for some reason the costume wasn’t suitable for a certain age or situation, but, man, I looked at the tags and shuddered at the sheer cost of the one-night-wear frocks. Still, there is nothing more valuable than the smile on my children’s faces when they are able to go out into the world pretending to be something fun--all the while being rewarded with sweet treats from generous friends and neighbors. Because Halloween is such a … [Read more...]

Stay Off Hoarders: Five Garage Sale Rules to Avoid Clutter

I have to admit, mama caught some spring fever today. I couldn't help but just want to enjoy all the springy goodness! The birds were chirping, the sun was shining and we drove around with the windows down. All the springlike weather made me start thinking about the garage sales that are sure to start popping up any time now. I LOVE bargains and in most cases, you just can't beat a garage sale! The upside to garage sales is how much great stuff you can score for next to nothing. The downside to garage sales is that if you go nuts with the bargain collecting, you'll soon be a candidate … [Read more...]

Tidy Your Grocery Bags with Tissue Boxes

When I'm grocery shopping, I try to remember my reusable bags, but sometimes forget them or underestimate how many I'll need and wind up bringing home more plastic bags. I hate just throwing them away, so I try to reuse them when shopping and around the house as much as possible. I use them to: Toss stinky diapers Pack my kids spare shoes in their backpacks when they wear boots to school Line my wastebaskets Clean up chihuahua doo in the yard Collect trash in my minivan (I even keep a little wastebasket in there.) Dye my hair Replace packing materials Line bowls in the … [Read more...]

15 Uses for Plastic Ice Cream Buckets

Despite my mild lactose intolerance, I still have a weak spot for good, old fashioned vanilla ice cream. So, when I find those gallon buckets of ice cream on sale, I'll usually pick one up. Not only do they last quite a while for quick treats for the fam, but I particularly like the buckets themselves. In fact, I always keep them to use around the house. They're pretty rad in the versatility department. 15 Uses for Plastic Ice Cream Buckets 1. Small Toys: My eldest son is six and my youngest is two, so some of his toys have small pieces that his little brother shouldn't have. We … [Read more...]

Wellness Wednesday: Tired of Being Tired

If there's one thing that drives me nuts it's that I constantly feel drained lately. Yet despite how I feel, I've got to push on through. Having three kids is a full time job in itself, and I can’t afford to be exhausted all the time. I decided to make some small life changes to help get back on track and amp up my energy levels! Being energized is very important to us mamas if we're going to make it through the day! So, I decided to come up with a list of simple things we all can do to rev up our internal engines. Breakfast: Having your morning meal within an hour of waking up jump … [Read more...]

Saving Dough: Learning to Coupon

I've noticed that Extreme Couponing idea has come blazing into the entertainment scene. With my time being so limited, I've personally only had the opportunity to watch a couple of episodes, but definitely found it interesting. Who can deny that it would be awesome to get buttloads of groceries and other various items for literally pennies on the dollar? Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I've maybe twice in my life actually used a coupon--and that was only because they were taped to the product I was purchasing. I also must confess that I don’t have hours or even days to devote to … [Read more...]