Tervis Tumblers – Perfect for home and on the go!

A couple years back, I was strolling through Hallmark when I saw a Mother's Day display of Tervis Tumblers. What attracted me to them was their bright colors and fun "Mom" sentiments, but what made me click a picture with my phone and request one from the Brocker was how they were designed. Tervis took the time to design cups that are not only appropriate for hot and cold drinks, but they back them with a lifetime guarantee. As a mom, a company that has that much faith in its product is worth looking into. I snapped a picture of one of their 24 ounce cups with an embroidered patch that … [Read more...]

Uglee Pen Review and Give Away – Now Closed

I've been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome since my third pregnancy in 2007. Doing simple things like driving my car, typing posts and washing dishes can be quite painful, and it definitely slows me down. I've had to modify a lot of my regular routine, for example, rather than sweeping the floors from start to finish, I have to work on them in short bursts. I alternate activities frequently to give my hands a rest and avoid keeping them in the same position for long periods of time. In general, I've learned to embrace the new routine and actually find switching up chores to be a little … [Read more...]

Windex Celebrates 75th Birthday! Windex Gift Pack #Giveaway – Now Closed

Windex has been a household name in my family all my life. As a child, I remember watching my grandma wiping our hand prints from the windows with her trusty cleaning rags made from scraps of old towels. She'd hum as she spritzed on the Windex and shook her head at our muddy smudges. At home, my mom would do the same. She'd travel from window to window, spritzing and wiping, spritzing and wiping, bopping along to her favorite Fleetwood Mac records and singing while she worked. Finally, with a satisfied smile she'd put the familiar blue miracle back under her sink and enjoy her sparkly … [Read more...]

My Memories Suite Software Review and Giveaway – Now Closed

This one is for all you scrapbookers out there looking for something amazing to get creative with! It's been my pleasure to have the opportunity to review the My Memories Suite software. I'm beyond thrilled with the endless scrapbooking possibilities that this program gives me. I love that I can create anything I can imagine from scrapbook pages with added music to wonderful family videos! This program isn't only a ton of fun to work with, but it's user-friendly for everyone, whether you are new to scrapbooking or an expert. Just some of the things I love about this program … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Organization: Keeping It Together

As a student, I was always excited to show off my new clothes and hang out learn with my friends. When summer came to a close, I slid right into the school routine, easy peasy lemon squeezy. The back-to-school season looks a lot different through a mother's eyes. It takes a lot of planning and organization to pull off a seamless transition from summer to school year. My desk, family calendar and agenda book are covered in sticky notes reminding me of doctor appointments, parent-teacher meetings, shopping lists, registration days, adding teachers' contact information to my address book … [Read more...]

Home-Ec 101 Review – Meal Planning

As a women, we all understand the hustle and bustle life brings, and juggling acts are an everyday routine. A woman's day-to-day reality is certainly not for the faint of heart...or men. While women are the closest thing on Earth to perfection (insert giggle here), we all have things we let slide or wish we could improve on. That's where Heather Solos' new book, Home-Ec 101, Skills for Everyday Living, comes in. It's a practical guide on the everyday household. Busy. Loud. Sometimes, untidy (gasp). You know, a real woman's home. The kind where dining room tables get cluttered, and fast … [Read more...]